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High quality industrial kaolin clay.

A brochure exhibiting "live samples" of various forms of industrial kaolin clay is available from the company. The brochure includes samples, in clear plastic display windows, of hydrous kaolin clay in powder, bead and slurry form.

This company is said to be one of the largest U.S. producers of hydrous kaolin, calcined clay and treated kaolin. The brochure concept was developed to show industry formulators the key features of selecting the right kaolin product for use in industrial applications.

Primary factors for choosing kaolin as a functional filler and/or performance additive are said to be brightness, particle size and ease of incorporation in water- or solvent-based applications. This brochure is said to help chemists and formulators to visualize these factors and other physical characteristics.

Industrial kaolin clay is said to be a key ingredient in paints/coatings, adhesives, printing inks, plastics, rubber and crop protection granules. Discussed in the brochure, as well as exhibited, is the difference between powder, bead and slurry forms of hydrous kaolin. These forms, as well as the binder system used in particular formulations, dictate in what type of packaging the kaolin can be delivered. Kaolin is commonly be shipped in bulk trucks, bulk bags and 50 lb. bags.

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