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High priority or lo-o-ong wait.

Dear Editor:

As an inventory management specialist for SBCCOM (now TACOM-RI), I've seen evidence that some supply types in the Field don't understand the required delivery date (RDD) when submitting requisitions.

Some unit supply people I've talked to think an ROD of "001" is the highest; priority RDD. They didn't know an RDD of 001 is the Julian calendar date for Jan 1. I believe a lot of supply personnel think the same thing.

I get numerous requisitions with a Priority 02 and an RDD of 001, and these are requisitions that are submitted after Jan 1.

When our CCSS Supply system gets a Priority 02/RDD 001 requisition, CCSS shows that the requisitioned item is not needed until Jan 1, 2005. If a unit put in a 02/001 requisition in February 2004, they are telling me and the distribution depot that they do not need it until January 2005.

Units could be hurting their supply availability when they think that RDD 001 is a high priority designator. Requisitions should indicate an RDD for the date the item is needed or they should use the applicable NMCS RDD designator.


Doug Vanatta

Chemical & Biological Defense Support

TACOM-RI (Rock Island Arsenal, IL)

DSN 793-3053/(309) 782-3053


Mr. Vanatta:

You're right! RDDs should only be used when standard delivery dates (SDDs) do not meet mission requirements. A description of SDDs is given in AR 725-50, Table 2-6. Info about using RDDs follows in Paragraph 2-12. For info on using code 999 instead of the Julian calendar RDD, see Paragraph 3-48.

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Author:Vanatta, Doug
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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