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High power amplifier subsystem parts needed!


Dear Editor,

I manage the AN/TSC-156, Phoenix Tactical SHF Satellite Terminal, NSN 5895-01-542-7716, for C-E LCMC, and I have a shortage problem.

The Phoenix can operate over military satellite frequencies, X-band and Ka-band, and commercial satellite frequencies, C-band and Ku-band. To help them operate, high power amplifier (HPA) subsystems are part of the antenna subsystem. There is a shortage of the HPAs for the Ka-band, NSN 5996-01-534-6853, and for the tri-band (X-, C-, and KU-), NSN 5996-01-520-9570.

The shortage stems from a couple of problems, but the one I need the Soldiers to help with is turning in unserviceable HPAs for repair. This is not being done!

There is a huge unserviceable credit value for both of these HPAs, so there is monetary incentive for this turn-in!


Allison Chellin



Editor's note:

Thanks for the info, Allison. Soldiers, without amplification, signals will not reach the intended satellite and the Phoenix is just a large lump in the road. Check your shops and turn in those unserviceables. By-the-way, the repair time for these HPAs is a lot shorter than the procurement time for a new one. In fact, before a new one comes your way, that bump in the road will be covered with moss.
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Date:Apr 1, 2011
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