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High in fashion, long on comfort.

Realistically speaking, fashionable footwear is great, but when it really comes down to it, comfort is often the deciding factor. Though many women will sacrifice their feet for a special occasion, day to day, whether in the office, chasing after the kids, or running errands, there's no reason we can't get the best of both worlds. Oka b sandals from Okabashi Brands, Buford, Ga.--founded on the principle that fashion and comfort should never be mutually exclusive--offer stylish footwear with a comfort level to match. Incorporating reflexology-inspired massage beads and ergonomic footbeds, the shoes are waterproof, antibacterial, and designed using one-piece construction with recyclable Microplast. This nonabsorbent material is odor resistant and does not promote the growth of mildew, fungus, or bacteria. With dozens of styles and colors, Oka b sandals come adorned with ribbons, flowers, gemstones, and seashells. From casual to dress, thongs to slides, the shoes look great with every outfit and feel great with every step.


The Lucy ($40) introduces a neutral color palette of Pearl, Camel, Hot Chocolate, Slate, and Licorice, accented with chrysanthemum flowers made of natural material like coconut, seashell, and pearl.

Inspired by the Southwest, The Suzanne ($40) features a subtle heel and multiple stones in finishes of turquoise, coral, variscite, opal, and onyx. Colors include salt, hot chocolate, and licorice.

The dramatic Vivienne ($40) features a silky Tahitian flower: the copper sandal sports magenta petals, while the licorice is tone on tone.

Oka b also offers a Bridal Collection as a cute and smart choice for a fun-loving, modern woman. With slides and thongs in salt and ivory, embellished with items such as hand-set Italian pearl stones, pink satin rosettes, crystal studs, and satin ribbons, brides can walk down the aisle in a shoe they won't be inclined to kick off the second they get to the reception.

The sandals have nonslip, nonmarking soles, are machine washable, can be returned to the company--after many years of use--to be recycled. For more information, visit

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