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High hedge is facing chop; ENFORCEMENT Council searches for householder.

Byline: John Rowbotham

Officials are threatening to chop down a privet hedge said to be blighting the route to a well-known shopping complex.

Clackmannanshire Council slapped a high hedge notice on the cottage in Moss Road, Tillicoultry.

Much of the building's frontage and part of the roof is obscured by the rambling shrub.

The house has been empty for a number of years and council staff have been trying to contact its owner regarding the state of the hedge.

Unless the growth is tidied before spring then council staff will take "direct action" and cut it down to an acceptable size.

A council spokesman said: "We served a high hedge notice requiring the owner of 48 Moss Road, Tillicoultry, to reduce the height of a hedge located within the grounds of the property. The period for compliance with the terms of the notice has expired and the council is currently considering direct action to implement the requirements of the notice.

" Prior to undertaking direct action, the council is required to inform the property owner of this intention.

"It is considered likely that the terms of the notice will be implemented by April.

State of both the hedge and the property has been highlighted by Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton and Devonside Community Council.

The property is within yards of the entrance to Sterling Mills and some villagers believe it provides a poor impression for the thousands visiting the shopping complex.

Community councillors used the new Community Empowerment Act to work with Clacks Council to tackle the problem.

Clacks North Labour councillor Dave Clark was dismayed that it was taking officials so long to tackle the eyesore.

He understands that the owner of the cottage is living elsewhere in Tillicoultry.

Councillor Clark, who was elected to the authority in May last year, said: "The community council has raised this matter a few times and it was also highlighted six months ago when, with officers and members of the community council, we did a walk around the village.

"The hedge is blighting the road leading to the shopping centre and it's time officers came out of their silos and attempted to engage with the owner of the property to get this problem sorted."

He added: "I get a bit frustrated at officers not being imaginative with their problem solving.

"I have raised it with them and I suspect the other three councillors of the ward have done likewise.

"It shouldn't have been an issue so long."

Hedge is blighting road leading to shopping centre


Overgrown Hedge shrouding front of empty property

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Publication:Stirling Observer (Stirling, Scotland)
Date:Feb 9, 2018
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