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High friction modular conveyor belts.

Habasit Rossi Ltd--Belting Division has developed a new range of high friction plastic modular belts which are set to benefit distribution centres, airports, general conveyor systems, packaging end-lines and checkouts.

The new HabasitLINK R GripTop modular belts have been manufactured with a variety of surface profiles to grip products such as boxes, travelling up steep inclines and maintain product orientation.

In trials, Habasit's GripTop belts reduced product damage, downtime and overall maintenance, increased belt life and increased throughput.

The company already has a number of success stories since trialling the belt earlier this year. In distribution centres, boxes are now being transported at inclines in excess of 20 degrees. Heavy slippery packages in a meat plant are travelling safely on a 25 degree decline, while in the food industry, snack food is gently conveyed with no tearing of bags--a common problem previously experienced when using flighted belts. Even recycled paper is being transported on incline conveyors running for 24 hours per day.

The ground-breaking HabasitLINK[R] GripTop belt is made from injection moulded thermoplastic modules, combining a range of high friction inserts available in either black or white colours. The pattern of friction inserts can be custom designed to allow optimum covering for the angle of inclination required for either incline or decline conveyors

Maximum incline or decline angles can vary, depending on conditions and materials being transported. Habasit's technical sales and customer care teams can easily calculate and advise customers of best possible solutions.

UK Sales Director, Russell Blakeley says: "Distribution centres, airports, general conveyor systems, packaging end-lines and checkouts are all set to benefit from the new HabasitLINK[R] GripTop modular belt. The range is durable, reliable and built to withstand the demands of today's demanding manufacturing environments where belts are often required to run for 24 hours a day, 365 days per year."

Contact on Habasit Rossi Ltd on tel: 0870 835 9555 or visit
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Date:Mar 1, 2007
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