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High frequency design software.

A software package, release 4.0 of the HP 85150B microwave design system, for HF circuit designers has been introduced with improvements over its previous versions. These improvements include a system model library for linear and nonlinear system simulation; Monte Carlo and yield analysis to predict manufacturing yields; a nonlinear device library containing model parameters for popular field effect transistors (FETs); simulation directly from layout, permitting circuit topology changes to be simulated without going back to the schematic; and a foundry library.

The new system model library, HP 85170A, is a set of high level behavioral models of common linear and nonlinear system elements. They allow designers to simulate the linear and nonlinear performance of complete systems at the block diagram level using the microwave design system.

To help engineers design for manufacturability, Monte Carlo and yield analysis have been added to the sensitivity analysis and parameter-sweep capability of the microwave design system. Monte Carlo analysis, shown in Figure 1, repeatedly simulates a circuit while randomly varying device parameters over their specified statistical distributions. The output is a histogram or scatter plot that shows how circuit performance varies as device parameters change.

The nonlinear FET library, HP 85171A, contains model parameters for a collection of popular transistors. The model parameters work in conjunction with the microwave design system and allow designers to perform linear and nonlinear analysis without having to generate their own models. Figure 2 shows the design of a single conversion receiver.

A simulation-to-layout feature added to the microwave design system allows designers to draw circuits in the graphics environment and then submit them for linear or nonlinear analysis, without entering an electrical schematic diagram. Meandering transmission lines, capacitors, vias, thin-film resistors and other planar components are automatically broken down into electrical transmission lines and bends, and other electrical components. The simulator then performs the analysis.

The Foundry Library

The foundry library, HP 85172A, adds both simulation and artwork libraries to the microwave design system. They represent the HA (0.5 [Mu] m) and QED/A (1 [Mu] m) GaAs processes, which are commercially available from TriQuint.

Price: $38,000 (HP 85150B microwave design system); $6000 (HP 85170A system model library); $3000 (HP 85171A nonlinear FET library); and $3000 (HP 85172A foundry library). Delivery: began in January.

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Title Annotation:Hewlett Packard's HP 85150B microwave design system version 4.0
Publication:Microwave Journal
Date:Feb 1, 1992
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