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High flow rate and economical compact air preparation.

Festo, the leading supplier of automation equipment, has launched a new cost-effective compact air preparation service unit, the DB-mini. When compressed air consumption and energy costs are in focus, a correctly operating and carefully set air preparation unit such as the DB-mini is one of the simplest ways to improve profits. The DB-mini provides excellent filtration and flow performance while being simple to use and install.

Air preparation in pneumatic systems is essential to achieve reliability, performance and longevity of the pneumatic components. The lightweight, polymer bodied DB-mini air preparation units reliably filter out contaminants including particles, dust, oil and water, reducing wear, contamination and potentially unhealthy exhaust elements. The regulator (unction simply reduces compressed air usage, many applications can reduce the operating pressure From 6bar to 4.5bar immediately saving 25 percent without any detrimental effects.

The DB-mini is ideal for all standard compressed air systems; modules include a manual, lockable isolation/dump valve, filter, regulator and for those applications that require an oil mist injection, a lubricator unit. For its compact dimensions, the DB-mini provides an exceptionally high flow rate of up to 2,000Nl/min. Suitable for supply pressures up to 7bar, the 40 m filter enables this series to achieve a purity class of 7.4.4. according to ISO 8573-1:2010.

Two of the module options are worthy ol a closer look. The lockable manual on-off valve (HE) won an iF Design Award for its neat design. The vertical slide valve function is visually easy to identify and understand the How state, it saves space and provides simple padlock lock-off for ensured isolation during maintenance or to prevent unnecessary activation and wastage during stand down periods. The similar space-saving and extremely lightweight distributor FRZ is half the width of the main unit and so is ideal for applications in tight lining spaces. The DB-mini is available pre-assembled meaning customers can benefit from ordering a single part rather than specifying each part individually and then having to assemble on site.

"The cost-effective DB-mini is a welcome addition to our wide air preparation range," said Steve Sands, Product Manager at Festo: "The high flow-rate enables machine builders to install a more compact unit and possibly even downsize from a higher port size therefore saving more space and cost on their machine."

Contact Festo on tel 01252 775000 or visit.

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Comment:High flow rate and economical compact air preparation.(TECHNOLOGY)
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Date:Nov 1, 2013
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