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High demand for off-line coiling technology.

In response to the growing demand for greater automation in the downstream activities of pipe manufacturers. Pipe Coil Technology (PCT), based in Newcastle, UK, has continued to develop and refine its fully automated off-line coiling technology.

Off-line coiling separates the production of finished coils from the extrusion process meaning less downtime, lower waste and lower labour costs per coil. Higher extrusion speeds are also obtained by winding directly onto master reels instead of coiling 'on-line'. Coils are then wound 'off-line' by transferring product from the master reef to finished coil lengths at speeds four times that of extrusion line speeds using a fully integrated automatic coiling system.

To date, the US market continues to be the most receptive, with some of the world's biggest pipe manufacturers realising the substantial benefits in both cost and performance that off-line coiling technology offers. However, with increasing demand on manufacturers to be more globally competitive, PC has seen a sharp rise in interest within the European market.


"This innovative system has proven it can increase extrusion speed by up to 100 percent whilst reducing labour costs by up to 75 percent," said lain Wallace, PCT. "Manufacturers with two or more extrusion lines producing similar sized products are beginning to realise the tremendous flexibility and efficiency off-line coiling can offer them. The ability to produce 100 coils an hour also enables users to carry minimum stocks of finished coils in all lengths and sizes while a bulk reel of pipe takes up a third of the space of completed coils."

PCT have further automated the process by offering an integrated robotic arm to transfer finished coils from the coiler to a conveyor belt, which can either transport finished coils to a storage area or onto an automated pallet dispensing and wrapping system.

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