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High Probability, Bonadio team-up for new "moneyball" strategy.

Byline: Gino Fanelli

High Probability Advisors is teaming up with the Bonadio Group to provide a new, factor-based strategy in advisement.

Dubbed a "moneyball" like strategy, the new investment strategy will zero in on different components known to improve the health of investments, while at the same time alleviating the effects of market downswings. CEO of High Probability Steve Carl and co-founding partner Mike Jones founded the firm last year following long stints at Clover Capital.

"This partnership brings to the marketplace exactly what we want for our clientsa smart, data-driven investment process that is lower-cost, tax-efficient, risk-managed and customizable," Carl said. "The benefit we can bring to clients is well beyond anything we have seen offered by competitors in the market. It is more powerful now than when we started HPA, which makes this partnership with The Bonadio Group so exciting for us."

High Probability was founded with an unorthodox approach to investment, with an emphasis on the psychological and behavioral factors which determine how people invest. The practice, dubbed behavioral finance, is a growing field, with University of Rochester alum Richard Thaler taking the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences last year for his work in the field. At the core is the curbing of human error by way of understanding why people invest the way we do. For example, market-timing rests on the belief that a person can predict where the market will be, and although time and time again it has been shown to be an ineffective and inefficient way of investing, is still incredibly popular. In an interview from High Probability's opening in November, Carl called it a product of over-confidence.

At Bonadio, High Probability aims to remove the "gut feel" from the equation, instead using data and tried and true patterns to put clients on the right path.

"As we have grown, our clients have routinely sought our help in finding sophisticated investment solutions within an increasingly complex financial landscape," said Tom Bonadio, CEO of The Bonadio Group, in a statement. "We've known Steve and Mike for many years and look forward to this partnership on their new investment firm High Probability Advisors."

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Author:Fanelli, Gino
Publication:Rochester Business Journal
Date:Oct 29, 2018
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