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High Performance Polymers.

High Performance Polymers

Eric Baer and Abdelsamie Moet, editors

Society of Plastics Engineers, 14 Fairfield Brookfield, CT 06804; (203) 775-0471; Fax (203) 775-8490. Hardcover, 335 pages; SPE member, $80.00; nonmember, $94.00. Add $5.00 shipping charges.

This comprehensive basic reference source contains ten chapters, written by specialists, discussing the fundamental principles upon which high performance properties are attained and evaluated in polymer systems. The book bridges macromolecular phenomena sprouting performance to its continuum manifestations. Super molecular organizational character is considered in glassy, semicrystalline, and liquid crystalline polymers .

A discussion of how the organizational behavior of the macromolecular hierarchy evolves into a performing microstructure is presented. This is linked with a view of how such microstructural entities can be brought together to accomplish desired performance as fibers, microlaminates, or composites. Analytical procedures to assess performances in the discussed systems are also included.
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Publication:Plastics Engineering
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 1992
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