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High Honors.

In this month's puzzle, the fourteen unclued diagram entries are related in a certain way. This relationship will be revealed by reading the shaded squares from the left side of the diagram to the right.

Clues include four proper nouns. 12 Across is a variant spelling. As always, mental repunctuation of a clue is the key to its solution. The solution to last month's puzzle appears on page 176.


8. Circling eastern egret, put down in this page ... (6)

9. ... for being part of problem (3)

11. A matchmaker makes this in America in remuneration (5)

12. Playing drum rubato? Just the opposite! (6)

13. Fall for a clumsy alpinist (8)

15. Hold down peach fuzz (5)

16. Little thing, just half of the dictionary! (4)

18. Deviates flashing small-type coats (7)

19. Nonuser can make nervous connections! (7)

21. Ties-off place (4)

24. Shy, to the Gestapo (4)

25. The stamp is odd: "WE FEEL YOUR PAIN" (10)

28. Witchcraft order in Britain that's beautiful (5)

32. A meaning of "s" sounds in the lungs (6)

33. English students write "Bull!" on Scottish johns (8)

35. He gets the most out of little Baedekers! (4)

36. These go on but they don't go off! (4)

37. After some Deadhead stages comeback, they cut corners but they have a blast! (10)


1. Horses like going around raised pole (5)

2. Stay together again. (If you're in a slip, he ties you up!) (6)

3. Start to question chef's highest achievement? (5)

4. Arts organization gets perfect scores, cleans up (7)

5. Meander all about, given a new appointment (7)

6. "Watch the premises" contains it (8)

7. Editors set type with final thoughts (8)

10. Most unusual rum: dries inside, stays wet outside (8)

14. Opportunity to bet and raise a thousand bucks? (4)

17. Shouted down to dull eye doctors (9)

20. They do their work on the road in G.O.P. states (8)

21. Shot outside, cat stormed out (7)

22. College running back in switch--G.I. helped (6)

23. Crow about a dead wife (3)

26. Dangerous computer you saw in half (3)

27. "Dances and Proposals"--a serious series (6)

29. Base replaces news in CNN joke (5)

30. Small jets (limitless crop) (5)

31. Less nutty fudge earns ... (5)

34. ... cry of joy, but by Monday there's resistance (3)


Contest Rules: Send completed diagram with name and address to "Letter Drop," Harper's Magazine, 666 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10012. If you already subscribe to Harper's, please include a copy of your latest mailing label. Entries must be received by June 9. Senders of the first three correct solutions opened at random will receive one-year subscriptions to Harper's Magazine. Winners' names will be printed in the July issue. Winners of the April puzzle, "Two in One," are Santo Berenato, New York, New York; Diane Kuntzelman, Kenosha, Wisconsin; and David Matthew, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

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Date:Jun 1, 2000
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