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High Growth Forecasted for the Global and China OLED Market Report, 2007-2012.

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Global and China OLED Market Report, 2007-2012

As the development trend of next generation display technology, OLED is still highly concerned.

In the year of 2007, influenced by shipment reduction of Samsung and LG in 2007Q3, growth rate of global OLED shipment was just 11.7%, and growth rate of shipment value was 7.6%.

Global OLED production capacity mainly distributes in Korea, Japan and China Taiwan; shipment of the top five manufacturers accounts for 98.7% of global total.

OLED is mainly applied in mobile phone sub-screen and MP3 player, and the shipment for those two applications was 53.59 million and 25.22million respectively in 2007, together accounted for 85.0% of total shipment. With the maturity of OLED technology, more OLED applications will drive the industry to develop rapidly.

OLED technology is moving towards AMOLED. For example, Samsung had expanded its AMOLED production capacity; LG has turned to AMOLED from PMOLED.

China is a key mobile phone and MP3 manufacturing country in the world, it has a great demand on OLED. However, China still relies on OLED import.

Global OLED industry is still on its initial stage, OLED technologies are highly self-protected.

Compared with TFT--LCD, OLED has relative simple production process and less investment (about US$10 million, which is only 1/10 of TFT--LCD).

In China, more and more potential investors from home appliance, communication and LCD sectors are keep an eye on OLED, so far china has over 30 OLED manufacturers.

OLED production line of Beijing Visionox Technology Co., Ltd will be put into mass production in the second half of 2008.

1. Research Abstract 1.1 Research Methods 1.2 Definition of Research Objects

2. Overview of Global OLED Industry 2.1 Status Quo 2.1.1 Scale and Growth 2.1.2 Industrial Structure 2.1.3 Competition 2.1.4 Global Industry Transfer 2.2 Basic Market Characteristics 2.2.1 Market Warming Driven by Comprehensive Factors 2.2.2 Investment Atmosphere Turned Better 2.2.3 OLED Close to Large Scale Application 2.3 Market of Main Countries and Regions Worldwide 2.3.1 USA 2.3.2 Japan 2.3.3 Korea 2.3.4 China Taiwan 2.3.5 Europea

3. Overview of China OLED Industry 3.1 Status Quo 3.1.1 Environment 3.1.2 Scale and Growth 3.1.3 Industrial Structure 3.1.4 Profitability Analysis 3.1.5 Investment Environment 3.1.6 Innovation 3.1.7 External Dependence Ratio 3.2 Basic Market Characteristics 3.2.1 Driven Force to China Display Industry 3.2.2 High Investment Enthusiasm 3.3 Import & Export

4. Industrial Chain Analysis 4.1 Structure 4.2 Development 4.2.1 Life Circle 4.2.2 Value Chain 4.2.3 Evolvement Route

5. Development Trend of China OLED Industry, 2008-2012 5.1 Evolvement Route of Technology 5.2 Industry Upgrade and Change 5.3 Replacement Trend

6. Competition of Industrial Chain 6.1 Upstream of Industrial Chain 6.2 Supply of Display Panel and Parts 6.3 Equipment Suppliers

7. Market Scale Forecast 7.1 Influencing Factors 7.1.1 Positive Factors 7.1.2 Negative Factors 7.2 Forecast of Industrial Scale 7.3 Forecast of Industrial Structure

8. Conclusion and Suggestions

Global OLED Shipment Volume and Growth, 2002-2007 Global OLED Shipment Value and Growth, 2002-2007 Shipment Volume & Shipment Value of Global Key OLED Manufacturers, 2007 Global Shipment Volume & Shipment Value according to Applications, 2007 Technological Comparison of SMOLED and PLED Profile of Main OLED Manufacturers in USA Profile of Main OLED Manufacturers in Japan Profile of Main OLED Manufacturers in Korea Profile of Main OLED Manufacturers in China Taiwan Overview of OLED Industry in Europe Profile of China Key OLED Manufacturers China OLED Shipment and Growth, 2004-2007 SWOT Analysis of China OLED Industry Performance Comparison of LCD and OLED China OLED Shipment Volume & Shipment Value Forecast, 2008-2012 Market Concentration Degree of Key OLED Manufacturers Worldwide, 2007 Global OLED Applications, 2007 Gobal Shipment of AMOLED and PMOLED, 2007 Global Shipment of Macromolecular OLED and Micromolecule OLED, 2007 OLED Applications in China, 2007 China OLED Import and Growth, 2004-2007 Drive Mode Structure Forecast of China OLED Market, 2008-2012 Material Structure Forecast of China OLED Market, 2008-2012

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