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High Country Supreme Extreme.

Versatility and innovation are two traits that are an absolute must to succeed in today's competitive archery market. High Country Archery, and the products they have produced, has always been stacked with plenty of both. High Country was one of the first manufacturers to promote low brace heights for increased speed. Likewise, High Country began the high letoff revolution by being one of the first manufacturers to offer bows with 65 percent letoff, now an industry standard. Recently, the archery industry has started focusing on shorter axle-to-axle bows, a trend that High Country has been focused on for quite some time. In fact, in response to consumer demand and the past success of High Country's other short axle-to-axle bows, about 90 percent of High Country's 2001 line is 36 inches or shorter.

One of High Country's latest offerings is the new Supreme Extreme. The Supreme Extreme is an ultrashort, 31-inch axle-to-axle bow, which seems to be the magical measurement for about half of High Country's current bow line. Shorter bows also can-y the advantage of less mass for lighter weighs. The Supreme Extreme is no exception, weighing in at well below 3 1/2 pounds.

Speed Matters

Due to its short size and the engineering of the Perimeter Xtra-Draw cam, the Supreme Extreme has a maximum draw length of only 29 inches. The IBO formula for measuring a bow's speed uses a 30-inch draw at 70 pounds. The Supreme Extreme has an IBO speed of 309 fps, but was calculated using a 29-inch draw. If the Supreme Extreme were rated with a 30-inch draw, as IBO dictates, it would probably have been seven to 10 feet per second faster.

The Supreme Extreme is built on a new riser design, the MRII. At first glance, the MRII riser is somewhat similar to the 4-Runner. The MRII is constructed of 6061 aircraft aluminum using High Country's forged/machining process that yields up to 20 percent more strength than conventional risers. Although the speed of the Supreme Extreme is comparable to the popular 4-Runner Extreme, the Supreme Extreme's riser has about one inch less reflex. This gives the Supreme Extreme all of the speed of a super-reflexed bow but with added forgiveness for increased accuracy.

HCA Vibra Flex Limbs

The 14-inch Vibra Flex Armor V-Split Limbs give the feeling of a much longer bow, creating a smoother draw and release. Last year, High Country's confidence in their Vibra Flex Armor limbs could clearly be seen when they offered a full 10-year warranty. Now High Country has upped the ante and gone so far as to offer a lifetime warranty for all of their current Vibra Flex Armor V-Split Limb series of bows.

A warranty is only as good as the product, and the VFA V-Split Limb is loaded with top-quality features. The tapered design of the V-Split limbs delivers more energy. As a result, the ratio of the amount of energy stored to weight is higher than would be achievable from a straight limb. All VFA limbs are matched sets.

The Vibra Flex Armor coating on each limb is a 5000 P.S.I. tensile-strength shell protecting the limb from scratches, dings and splintering while reducing vibration for a softer, quieter shot.

The VFA limbs attach to the riser using High Country's Vibra Damp limb pockets, which use the new Ball and Socket Limb Bolt Mounts. Internal to the pockets are High Country's S-D Tech Pads, which internally dampen vibration in the pockets. High Country's Vibra Damp limb pockets are ported to direct the sound and vibration out the side of the pocket and not into the riser where it would be amplified.


Three different cams can be fitted to the Supreme Extreme. The MXI cam is a standard high-lobed cam that is fitted with a tungsten-carbide-weighted disk at the top of the high lobe. The extremely similar MXI cam is the XL minus the weighted disk. The XL cam can be adjusted in 1/4 to one-inch down in draw length. Perhaps the most exciting cam on the Supreme Extreme, however, is the new Xtra-Draw cam. The Xtra-Draw cam can be fully adjusted from 25-29 inches in 1/4-inch increments without using any type of press.

The super adjustability of the Xtra-Draw is great for shop owners who can fit most archers without having to carry a surplus of inventory, and it is great for the home bow mechanic who loves to tinker and try different setups. Matching the effectiveness of the cam is the performance of Supreme Extrene's idler wheel. The idler operates on a sealed bearing system for a smoother, faster shot.


Overall the Supreme Extreme is a great performer. I think the Fast Flite two-tone twist string gives up a bit of performance to some of the newer string materials on the market, but it does reduce, if not eliminate, peep rotation problems that could be disastrous in a hunting situation. The flat, square-shaped grip fit perfectly in my hand, fulfilling one of the most important criteria for any bow I shoot. Beyond that, the 21/2 inches of reflex provide the speed and the seven inches of brace heights provide enough forgiveness for the novice and expert alike to get the job done in the field.


Manufacturer: High Country Archery, Inc., Dept. PB, P.O. Box 1269, 312 Industrial Park Drive, Dunlap, TN 37327, (423) 949-5000;

Model: Supreme Extreme

Draw Weights: 60, 70-pound peak

Draw Lengths: 25-29 inches

Mass Weight: 3.3 pounds

Letoff: 65 or 80 percent

Grip: Low wrist, wood side plates

Brace Height: Seven inches

Eccentrics: Perimeter Xtra-Draw One Cam

Axle-to-axle length: 31 inches

Finish: Mossy Oak Break Up or Advanced 3-D Camo

Advertised IBO speed: 309 fps IBO

Approximate Retail Price: $600

Comments: A great overall short bow, with a moderate brace height and quick speed.
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 new bow, on a scale of
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MRII riser, Small throat Vibra Flex A smooth Minimal
Vibra Damp and low wrist Armor coated draw with a vibration
Limb Pockets limbs comfortable
**** ***** ****
MRII riser, Quiet An excellent hunting
Vibra Damp bow for shooters using
Limb Pockets a release and preferring
 reflexed designs
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