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High Country / Carbon 4-Runner Pro.

High Country, and the bows it has produced, has always been synonymous with the terms leading edge and innovation. High Country was the first to promote low brace heights for increased speed. Likewise, High Country began the high letoff revolution by being one of the first manufacturers to offer bows with 65 percent letoff, now an industry standard. Recently, the archery industry has started focusing on shorter axle-to-axle bows; a trend that High Country has focused on for quite some time. So what is the next great, revolution that bow manufacturers will flock to? If High Country's past is any prediction of the future, we'll all be shooting carbon soon. Now I'm not talking about shooting carbon arrows; soon we may all be shooting bows with carbon risers (handles).

When carbon arrows were first introduced they were met with more than a little apprehension. After the myths and a few bugs were worked out, acceptance grew, and manufacturers suddenly faced with the problem of not being able to produce them fast enough to meet demand. Carbon completely revolutionized the arrow shaft market and still dominates it today. When you think about it, why wouldn't carbon be the logical choice? Carbon arrows are lighter, stronger and in many cases straighter and more durable than aluminum. Many of the advantages resulting from arrows produced from carbon are also true for bows made of carbon. Carbon bows are obviously lighter, and the Aircraft Grade Carbon used in making High Country's Carbon 4-Runner Pro has a strength to weight ratio that is approximately 500 times stronger than aluminum!

High Country's new Carbon 4-Runner Pro is the product of over 10 years of research and work. The Carbon 4-Runner Pro weighs in at 2.9 pounds with 36.5 inches between the axles. The thought of carrying a bow that weighs less than three pounds is exciting, but I questioned the bow's shootability for two reasons. First, light bows are often hard to hold on target. I always stack several weights on the stabilizers of my target bows to "slow" their drift. This helps me to steady on target and keeps me from jerking the bow off target during the shot. Hunting bows are not target bows though, and on a recent hunt, where we were walking a minimum of six to eight miles a day, I realized the merits of my guides carbon bow over the anchor I was lugging all over the New Mexico countryside. After a little extra "one cam" tuning, the Carbon 4-Runner Pro produced groups that were every bit as good as any of my other hunting bows. One major difference was how little noise the Carbon 4-Runner Pro produced.

My second concern with light bows, and especially with extremely light bows, is their tendency to be plagued with violent recoil and excessive noise. The Carbon 4-Runner Pro is equipped with the Perimeter Xtra-Lite One Cam. The Perimeter Xtra-Lite One Cam features a high lobe that slaps the string after release significantly reducing vibration. From the first shot, however. it was immediately apparent that more than just the cam was reducing the recoil and quieting the bow.

The Carbon 4-Runner Pro has sever features that work together to make smooth and quiet. The limbs are High Country's Vibra Flex Armor V-Split Limbs. First introduced in 1997, Vibra Ee Armor is form fitted around each limb to increase strength while reducing noise an vibration. Vibra Flex armor has performed so well that High Country has offered a full 10-year warranty on limbs.

The limbs connect to the XCR1 riser via High Country's new Vibra Damp limb pockets, which use the new Ball and Socket Limb Bolt Mounts and new S-D Tech Pads to dampen vibration in the pockets. The limb pockets are actually ported to direct the sound an vibration out the side of the pocket and not into the riser where it would be amplified. Overall, High Country claims an 80 percent reduction in sound and vibration from this system. The woven fabric of the carbon riser absorbs up to 75 percent more shock than aluminum dampening sound transfer. To top it all off, the idler wheel operates on a sealed bearing system for a smoother, faster shot.

The Carbon 4-Runner Pro has all of the advantages for success in any bowhunting situation. The bow is short enough to give an advantage when tree stand hunting without being so short that it is hard to shoot. The light weight of the Carbon 4-Runner Pro's carbon riser makes it light enough to carry when still hunting or hiking. Three inches of reflex creates lightning speed and allows the shooter to use a more stable, full-length arrow. Several of the components, including the carbon riser, reduce noise to levels that may challenge the senses of even the most alert whitetail buck. What else could you ask for in a hunting bow?


Manufacturer: High Country Archery, Inc., Dept. PB, P.O. Box 1269, 312 Industrial Park Drive, Dunlap, TN 37327, (423) 949-5000;

Model: Carbon 4-Runner Pro

Draw weights: 60, 70 pound peak

Draw lengths: 26-30 inches

Mass weight: 2.9 pounds

Letoff: 65 or 80 percent

Grip: Low wrist, wood side plates

Brace height: 6.5 inches

Eccentrics: Perimeter Xtra-Lite One Cam

Axle-to-axle length: 36.5 inches

Finish: Mossy Oak Break Up or Advanced 3-D Camo

Advertised speed: 314 fps IBO, 244 fps AMO

Comments: A great overall shooting bow with a moderate brace height and quick speed. One of the quietest bows ever offered.
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Publication:Petersen's Bowhunting
Date:Sep 1, 2000
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