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Higashimaru Shoyu's Soy Sauce-based Supplement Helps Alleviate Allergic Symptoms.

Tokyo, Japan, Feb 1, 2006 - (JCN) - Higashimaru Shoyu, a Japanese soy sauce manufacturer, announced on January 30 that Siki-Sokai, the company's proprietary supplement launched in December 2004, helps alleviate allergic symptoms.

The company says that 70% of the customers who have bought Siki-Sokai felt that the hay fever symptoms were alleviated by taking the product. Siki-Sokai, which contains shoyu polysaccharides (SPS), is only available via the Internet, phone, fax or postal mail. SPS, a substance found in soy sauce, is known for its anti-allergic effects.

A 90-tablet bottle sells for 1,575 yen ($13).

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Date:Feb 2, 2006
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