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Hidden drip system irrigates a pair of wire baskets on a lamppost.

Hidden drip system irrigates a pair of wire baskets on a lamppost Drip lines hidden in the lamppost make it easy to water the hanging baskets pictured above.

"Hand-watering wire baskets every day can be a drag," says owner Dean Hausrath of Saratoga, California, who made the drip system. "The lamppost is in full sun most of the day, and heat reflected from the surrounding concrete can quickly dry out the baskets."

The automatic drip system certainly cuts watering chores. And running the tubing through the hollow aluminum post keeps the lamp--the focal point of this patio--looking uncluttered.

Before installing the brick-and-concrete patio, Dr. Hausrath laid 1/2-inch PVC pipe to the base of the lamppost. From a connector on this main line, he routed two 1/4-inch emitter lines up through a hole drilled in the post's base.

After detaching the post's decorative arms, Dr. Hausrath drilled a pair of exit holes for the emitter lines right next to the arm openings. He pushed the lines up from below, then reached in through the openings and guided each line through its small exit hole, using a coat hanger and pliers. Then he hung a pair of flat-backed wire baskets--they're available at nurseries and garden centers--on the arms, lined them well with sphagnum moss, and added potting soil.

Begonias planted on the tops, sides, and bottoms of the baskets soon filled in to form one big wraparound bouquet, as the picture shows. controlled-release fertilizer, mixed into the soil at planting time, keeps the plants blooming throughout the summer.

Atime clock ensures that each basket gets water for 2-1/2 minutes daily.
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Date:Mar 1, 1988
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