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Hidden 'back door' chip may allow hackers to override computer systems of Boeing 787.

Washington, May 31 ( ANI ): A hidden 'back door' in a computer chip could allow cyber-criminals to override and control computer systems on Boeing 787s it has emerged.

The Actel chip used in their computer systems has been found to be vulnerable and seemed to be hard-wired into the devices.

Security researchers who discovered the vulnerability have alerted governments around the world to the 'back door', which could leave critical aircraft systems vulnerable.

Security researcher Chris Woods of Quo Vadis Labs told the Daily Mail, "An attacker can disable all the security on the chip, reprogram cryptographic and access keys ... or permanently damage the device. The real issue is the level of security that can be compromised through any back door, and how easy they are to find and exploit."

'Back doors' are commonly built into computer systems by programmers to allow quick and easy access - but on a chip of this sort, represent a dangerous vulnerability.

Security researchers have previously suggested that Chinese companies build vulnerabilities into chips that are exported to the West for use in military systems.

In this case, however, the 'back door' may be innocent, although now it has been discovered, it remains a threat.

Rik Ferguson of Trend Micro security said "This kind of flaw that gives somebody access right into the device has inherent flaws. The fact that it's in the hardware will certainly make it harder - if not impossible - to eradicate." ( ANI )


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Publication:Asian News International
Date:May 31, 2012
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