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Hi-tech communications.

Telecommunication is defined as the art and science of communicating at a distance. Although it's certainly not new, telecommunication has definitely become high tech. Advanced telecommunication technology has put the world economy within reach and forever changed the way people conduct business.

Video conferencing enables companies separated by oceans, continents or time zones to conduct productive meetings, without travel costs or jet lag. With teleconferencing, any number of people around the globe can conduct a meeting by telephone. The pager, no longer just a beeper, is a powerful, time-saving business tool with innovative features such as alphanumeric paging, voice mail, and interisland and nationwide paging.

High-tech faxing, which is surprisingly user-friendly and pushbutton convenient, creates superior copies with advanced features such as the ability to automatically smooth out images and fill in missing portions of letters and numbers. Breakthroughs in mobile electronic devices have created a legion of mobile professionals with the freedom, flexibility and power to conduct business almost anywhere on the globe. Digital, fiber-optic telephone networks make it possible for even the smallest business to have its own national and international tollfree 800 line, so it can enhance its company image and be as accessible and flexible as a mega-sized corporation.

Through ongoing research and development, telecommunication technology will continue to provide the tools that businesspeople need to succeed. As more people come to rely on telecommunication devices and find more ways to use them in their daily lives, so they know the power and excitement of having the world at their fingertips.

Meet some of the companies that can help Hawaii businesspeople to achieve their high-tech goals.

HONOLULU CELLULAR. Thanks in large part to Honolulu Cellular, Oahu is a communications paradise. Using the latest in cellular technology, every minute spent waiting is slow-moving traffic, driving across town or across the island, or working at a remote job site can be as productive as time spent back in the office. In fact, thanks to Honolulu Cellular's $20-million, islandwide cellular communications system, including 20 cell locations, there aren't many remote places left on Oahu. Honolulu Cellular has saturated the landscape with carefully placed cell locations that improve transmission quality and ensure that calls to or from anywhere in the state or in the world don't get cut off. The cellular telephone also makes it easy to bring along an entire mobile office by interfacing with portable computers, and facsimile and credit card verifying machines. Honolulu Cellular is committed to bringing the latest technology to the state. On Oahu, it has 60 agents, including all Sears

stores, that sell and service cellular and portable telephones. It also has administrative offices at Two Waterfront Plaza, a sales center at Grosvenor Center, and a sales, maintenance and service center at 1161 Kapiolani Boulevard.

LONG DISTANCE/USA-US SPRINT. Since Long Distance/USA-US Sprint already provides superior service and crystal clear transmissions through a 100-percent digital, fiber-optic network, how can it possibly improve? by enhancing its regular services with new products that make long-distance communication easier, more convenient, and more cost-effective. New teleconference options include domestic and international video-teleconferencing, audio conferencing, and QuickConference, an option of FONCARD, the only telephone card that lets a third party in on an established conversation from any touch-tone phone in the country. There's also an extensive line of 800 products. FONLINE 800 gives growing businesses a flexible, low-cost way to improve customer relations and profitability. Enchanced 800 provides call-routing options and practically unlimited applications. New invoicing options make traffic analysis almost effortless. With FONVIEW, customers receive their monthly invoice on a personal computer disk. With Enhanced Accounting Codes, invoices detail calls by client, employee, project, department or any pre-assigned category. The newest product, Sprint World, offers substantially reduced rates to 10 Pacific Rim countries, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Canada.

GTE HAWAIIAN TEL. A telephone call is the next best thing to being there, but with video conferencing, you virtually are there. Meet off-island associates without leaving Hawaii, thereby saving time and travel costs. With GTE Hawaiian Tel's video conference service, meetings can be held between Hawaii and several international locations, and direct connections are available to Australia, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. A state-of-the-art, studio-quality video room, located at GTE Hawaiian Tel's headquarters in downtown Honolulu, is the ideal medium for a custom video conference. It's equipped with slide and video tape equipment, a large TV monitor, a special camera for showing graphs, charts or any paper-printed material, an on-line personal computer for projecting computer images, and push-button controls. Company specialists can assist with meeting planning, advising and operating the controls. With the company's teleconferencing service, Conference Connections, customers can conduct meetings via an audio network with any number of people virtually anywhere in the world. Call 643-CONF, or for information on video conferencing, 643-1000.

THE MAUI RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY PARK. Once a mere dream, the Maui Research & Technology Park is now a reality that will play a vital role in Maui's economic and cultural future. The idea for the park was conceived 10 years ago when county, community and business leaders assembled to discuss diversifying Maui's economy. It was believed that overwhelming dependence on the visitor industry was not economically healthy and that other upscale job opportunities would be beneficial. In 1989, Maui R&T Partners was formed to begin development of the 330-acre park in Kihei, an ideal site for high-technology enterprises and support activities such as research and development, office and business, manufacturing and warehousing, and other uses consistent with the general plan. The largest parcel, donated to the state's High Technology Development Corp., will accommodate the Maui Research & Technology Center, slated to open this fall. The center will provide incubator space for emerging technology-based businesses, a phase-in center for established companies, centers for video and telecommunications, business support, and University of Hawaii-related activities.

UNIVERSITY COPY SYSTEMS. Canon has made high-technology faxing affordable and user-friendly. With the introduction of two new plain paper faxes, the Laser Class FAX-L760 and the FAX-A501, small-and medium-sized businesses can enjoy the same increased productivity features and efficiency enhancing technology that Canon's larger models offer. Canon's laser printing technology gives the FAX-L760 (a compact version of the award-winning Laser Class FAX-L770) the best reproduction available on plain paper. Hyper-Smoothing, an exclusive digital process, smooths out rough-looking visuals and text and automatically fills in missing pixels, so data frequently misread on traditional faxes comes through clear and legible. The FAX-L760 has a range of convenient features including 9-seconds-per-page transmission, memory that can be upgraded, and an exclusive easy-to-change cartridge system. The FAX-A501 combines Canon's advanced technology, including Hyper-Smoothing, with cost-saving features such as plain paper on a roll and an advanced cartridge system that doesn't sacrifice image quality. For more information, call University Copy Systems, Oahu's only authorized Canon distributorship, at 847-07777.

RAM PAGING HAWAII. A desire for innovation, a driving commitment toward customer satisfaction and a focus on details sets RAM Paging Hawaii apart from other paging services. RAM's dense transmitter network, unrivaled in Hawaii, ensures that a pager receives its call every time. There are four central office switching terminals, one on each island, and more than 80 strategically placed transmitters providing area overlap, whereby the radio frequency signals can better penetrate concrete structures and reach valleys previously out of range. To manage this complex, statewide system, RAM maintains an extensive diagnostic system with built-in remote capabilities including alarm reporting systems. It also employs a dedicated, top-caliber technical team. RAM's reliable service is further enhanced with backup power, and radio and microwave control links, insulating the system from public utility outages. Last year, with the addition of Tripler Army Medical Center (Hawaii's largest medical facility), RAM became the state's largest paging provider in terms of total subscribers served.

ROBIN & DACKERMAN. Robin & Dackerman Inc., the only company of its kind in Hawaii, designs technical communication systems to meet customized business needs. Working as "technology architects," company consultants provide comprehensive consulting and design services for three types of systems: telecommunications, information, and communications cabling. After carefully assessing a business's unique needs, consultants design the most appropriate systems to meet those needs, and then oversee the installation of the entire system. Consultants can also help clients obtain the best equipment on the market. Robin & Dackerman, headquartered in California and operating in Hawaii for five years, designs large-scale systems for resorts and for many of Hawaii's largest companies. It is also involved in the state's efforts to diversify Hawaii's economy through high technology. Projects include a fiber-optic cable design for the state Office Tower Complex, ongoing work for the Maui Research & Technology Park, including designs for video conferencing systems, and the Manoa Innovation Center, which will serve as an incubator site for emerging technology-based businesses. Robin & Dackerman is located in Five Waterfront Plaza and can be reached in 524-2882.
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