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Hi-cap gas tanks.

It's time to outlaw high-capacity gas tanks! How many more people have to die before we take action?

I've stood silent after the previous deaths due to autos of mass destruction, but I can keep silent no more! People don't kill people--cars kill people! If criminals didn't have high-cap gas tanks, they couldn't out-run our cops. If Ted Kennedy hadn't had a high-capacity gas tank that poor woman probably wouldn't have died at Chappaquiddick!

High-capacity gas tanks have no legitimate sporting use--they have to go!

You say you need that high-capacity gas tank to protect your family in case of a coming natural disaster? Nonsense! The government will protect you! They'll be able to keep their high capacity gas tanks. Besides, statistics show more family members are likely to be killed by autos with high capacity gas tanks owned by their own families than owned by strangers!

And why do we not have universal background checks for buyers of autos of mass destruction? A simple instant background check could keep autos of mass destruction out of the hands of tens of thousands who shouldn't own them.

I'm well aware criminals will never submit to a background check to buy an auto of mass destruction, and the 5th Amendment protects them from having to register a stolen car, but that is no reason not to implement these necessary restrictions upon ordinary Americans! We have to proctect them from themselves!

And to that end, why do we not have biometrically locked steering wheels so only the original owner can unlock it? And where is the micro stamping on the tires so owners can be identified at crime scenes?

Autos of mass destruction are weapons of war--they have no place in civil society! Why have we not outlawed the Jeeps, Harleys, Humvees, biplanes and all the other vehicles used in past wars? Why are these mass-destruction weapons of war allowed on our streets? Only the military and police should have them.

It is time for congressional partisanship to be put aside before more senseless killing occurs. Nobody cares about ObamaCare, the budget, or war with Syria--it's time to take care of the things that really matter--outlaw high-capacity gas tanks now!

Bart Schairer

Hammonton, NJ

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Title Annotation:SPEAKOUT
Author:Schairer, Bart
Publication:American Handgunner
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 1, 2014
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