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Hi powers and stens oh-my.

What's my purpose with these 9mms? To learn; because I knew virtually nothing about P38s, Lugers, Hi Powers and World War II submachine guns. Aside from having an actual shooting purpose for a gun, which generates enthusiasm, personally for me ignorance generates enthusiasm. Hence with the purchase of the Luger there also came purchases of books on Lugers. Along with the vintage German MP40 submachine gun several books were searched out about them. Now I quest for literature about Hi Powers and STENs.

When I told my mother-in-law so far I've written about 1,500 columns and articles for gun magazines she replied, "How do you keep coming up with ideas?" Well, it's that enthusiasm thing again. If I have enthusiasm then I will dig into the history of certain guns, along with shooting them, and reloading for them. Within each of those facets there are article and column ideas.

When I came aboard this magazine the only direction His Editorship Roy gave me was, "Don't be afraid to step outside the box, Duke." I don't know that "stepping outside the box" is the right phrase to describe what I do. Perhaps it should be called "meandering down a crooked path" or "letting my nose follow my enthusiasm." Hopefully, as I strive to avoid boredom, I won't become boring.

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Author:Venturino, Mike "Duke"
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:Nov 1, 2009
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