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Hey, is that poison ivy? Plants.

As summer starts to gently give way to fall, the desire to get outside and go hiking increases. But watch where you walk many people don't recognize poison ivy until they've already fallen victim to the uncomfortable, itchy red rash that is the plant's hallmark.

According to, a website which also provided information about poison oak and poison sumac, the rash from poison ivy may first appear as just a slight itchy spot. But that spot will gradually get worse and can even cover your entire body with giant red sores if left untreated or if it goes undetected for too long.

Beware: All poison ivy is not the same

People may be surprised to learn that all poison ivy plants are not one and the same. notes that there are different types of poison ivy in different places. Eastern Poison Ivy grows on the ground, climbs and sometimes appears as a shrub. And despite its name, Eastern Poison Ivy grows from the east coast to the Midwest, as far west as Kansas and Nebraska. Eastern Poison Ivy also can

be found in some parts of Texas and Arizona.

Telltale signs of the poison ivy plant

Eastern Poison Ivy is the most widespread poison ivy plant, and these are some of its characteristics.

* Poison ivy plants always have leaves of three. No poison ivy plants have more than three leaves.

* Plants always grow left, then right. That means that the stem/branch of leaves closest to the root of the plant will always lean left. Subsequent stems/branches of leaves can lean right. Stems/branches of poison ivy leaves are never side by side.

* Poison ivy plants never have thorns.

* The edges of poison ivy leaves are never saw-toothed or scalloped.

* Poison ivy leaves appear different depending on the season. In spring, Eastern Poison Ivy leaves appear red. As spring turns into summer, the leaves will gradually appear more green. Come fall, the green leaves will look as if they were brushed with red, with some leaves featuring patches or spots of red.

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