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Hey! Baby.

Wondergirl, 19, maintains three Web sites:, and She is a sex-worker ally and is involved in the Internet pornography industry.

Tell us about your Web sites. I started my first Web site seven years ago, conceived Wondergirl five years ago and started WondergirlMedia and ModCams this past year. Wondergirl is my personal site, including a weblog and a webcam. WondergirlMedia is home to my webcam archives, erotic photography and members-only features subscribers pay for. ModCams is a webcam portal for members of the body modification community.

How did you get involved in Internet porn? About a year ago I was in need of money and started to link adult sites on my site. The content was bland, so I decided to create WondergirlMedia as an alternative to the daily dose of patrifocal porn.

Could you give us a definition of "sex work"? For me, "sex work" encompasses all methods of erotic labor: adult film stars, actresses, producers, erotica writers, porn models and photographers, prostitutes, exotic dancers, phone sex operators, adult cam girls, peepshow workers and pro doms.

What are your thoughts on the debate about whether sex work is oppressive to women? While sex work can be oppressive, I don't believe it is intrinsically oppressive and degrading. Under the right circumstances, it can be absolutely empowering. If a sex worker defines these circumstances, there's opportunity for an empowering experience.

Do you see many other young dykes doing porn? I've noticed substantial numbers of queer youth doing porn, disproportionate to the overall population. Perhaps because queers are already considered a sexual minority, the transition into sex work may be less intense due to an already stigmatized existence.

How can people be allies to sex worker communities? Talk to sex workers. Listen to why they entered the industry, what they love and what they want changed. When sex work is in the media, the media has a tendency to ignore the voices of sex workers themselves (including feminist sex workers), depending solely on representation from sex-negative feminist organizations who claim the work is inherently degrading. Let the workers speak for themselves, and share what you've learned with others.

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Author:DeVris, Gina
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Date:May 1, 2003
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