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Heuristics, probability, and casuality; a tribute to Judea Pearl.


Heuristics, probability, and casuality; a tribute to Judea Pearl.

Ed. by Rina Dechter et al.

College Publications


565 pages



Tributes; v.11


Mostly computer scientists, but also scholars in fields ranging from mathematics to political science, honor artificial intelligence pioneer Pearl in 35 papers, five of them non-technical reminiscences. Their topics include the mechanical generation of admissible heuristics, paranoia versus overconfidence in imperfect-information games, graphical models of the visual cortex, extending Bayesian networks to the open-universe class, effect heterogeneity and bias in main-effect-only regression models, Pearl causality and the value of control, and fond memories from an old student.

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Publication:SciTech Book News
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Date:Dec 1, 2010
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