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Rejection may seem like bad news, but don't let it put you in a bad mood. Jun 19, 2010 506
People adapt the way they behave to fit expectations - use it to your advantage. May 22, 2010 461
Like internet dating, it's good to share info ... but too much is a turn-off. Apr 24, 2010 453
How to tell if someone is being honest? Trust your inner lie-detecting impulse. Viewpoint essay Mar 27, 2010 492
We all like to think we're a cut above the rest--and that's no bad thing. Feb 27, 2010 467
Are you a newcomer who wants to make an impact? Toe the line for a while first. Jan 30, 2010 471
Sit up straight when you go to a conference: you will learn a lot more that way. Personal account Nov 21, 2009 468
Cracking a tough nut is a bit like going on a blind date. Don't be nervous! Viewpoint essay Oct 24, 2009 463
Beware Groupthink, as safety in numbers often leads to poor decisions. Sep 26, 2009 471
Good leaders don't always shout the loudest, but they do ask the best questions. Viewpoint essay Aug 29, 2009 458
True creativity can flourish only outside the numbing influence of 'group norms'. Viewpoint essay Aug 1, 2009 479
Great happiness comes from experiences rather than from possessions. Jul 4, 2009 473
Just one negative trait can colour the entire way you are seen by your contacts. Jun 6, 2009 469
Attention to detail will separate the recession's victims from its survivors. May 9, 2009 444
There's no mystery to great customer service. It can be explained in eight seconds. Column Apr 11, 2009 496
A step-by-step approach to project setbacks can help prevent staff demotivation. Mar 14, 2009 472
Territory sales managers: gestures are good, but don't give everything away. Column Feb 14, 2009 438
The first person you meet in a new environment is likely to be a friend for life. Jan 17, 2009 477
Don't be wary of asking for help--the recipient is even more wary of saying 'no'. Dec 6, 2008 478
Associate your brand with values that match those of your target consumer. Oct 11, 2008 458
When the bar keeps rising, marketing anything below the best gets even harder. Sep 13, 2008 464
What's in a name? Evidence you value your customers: the key to truly impressing customers is making them feel valued. That doesn't necessarily have to break your bank, but it does require time, care and dedication. Brief article Aug 16, 2008 493
We're not designed to read and listen at the same time: a few years ago, PowerPoint was a flashy new tool. Now, hearts sink when the screen flicks on. We are being overloaded with information. Jul 19, 2008 488
Catch 'em in buying mode when the wallets are open: there is a valuable lesson to be learned from the baristas of Starbucks. To increase sales, the magic question is: "Would you like something with that". Jun 21, 2008 503
Sad, glad or disgusted: how do moods affect spending? Why are people who feel down in the dumps much more inclined to splash out on a bit of retail therapy? What is really motivating them? May 31, 2008 476
Repeat after me: customers just want to be understood. May 3, 2008 493
Get staff closer to their goals with simple encouragement. Apr 12, 2008 513
Why Coca-Cola's success is down to mind over matter. Mar 15, 2008 475
Success is all about how well you adapt to change: these days, more than ever, the only constant is change. But the key to success is not so much about what changes you make as about how you adapt to those changes. Viewpoint essay Feb 16, 2008 447
Learn to select the optimum incentive for each situation: customer incentives are a big part of any business, but the trick is to understand what people want rather than what they say they want. Jan 19, 2008 461
How to pick the perfect gift for loved ones at Christmas. Dec 15, 2007 497
True happiness is about the journey, not the destination: true happiness comes when you can not only choose what to do, but also enjoy doing it so much that you become totally absorbed in it. It doesn't just come down to luck. Viewpoint essay Nov 17, 2007 491
Don't try to justify your gut feelings, just go with them. Oct 27, 2007 503
How to become the better player in the waiting game: customers find it annoying when they have to wait for something, but just explaining the situation, keeping them informed and being available can work wonders. Sep 22, 2007 454
Take an individual approach when motivating your team: all businesses hope to encourage their staff to achieve their best, but employee motivation is about more than offering a large pay packet. Aug 25, 2007 425
Excellent customer service doesn't mean ticking boxes. Jul 28, 2007 507
The key to making the right decisions is sleeping on it: the subconcious mind is a great thing. It processes tough decisions and doesn't get side-tracked. What better excuse for a lie-in is there? Jun 30, 2007 482
Switch off the BlackBerry and learn to communicate. Column Jun 2, 2007 474
Why making that leap of faith is good for business: life can be full of unexpected change but maintaining a positive attitude is the best way to get through turbulent times. May 12, 2007 478
The successful salesman is strong, serene and willing. Viewpoint essay Apr 7, 2007 457
Dodge any flying fist with a good bout of genuine praise: how to offer constructive criticism without destroying someone's soul. Column Mar 10, 2007 450
You can make promises ... the key is sticking to them. Viewpoint essay Feb 10, 2007 426
Sober realities in the wake of the booze-fuelled frenzy. Jan 13, 2007 435
Just lie on a beach and be happy. What a lovely idea: on nurturing your client relationships. Dec 2, 2006 489
Go on. Make me dislike you. Invade my personal space. Nov 4, 2006 456
Don't wait for that wake-up call over customer service. Column Oct 7, 2006 468
It's never easy to just say no--especially to a customer. Sep 9, 2006 454
Conning people into doing things doesn't work for long. Aug 12, 2006 478
Don't keep going round in circles--head for the centre. Jul 15, 2006 459
You have to get someone to like you and believe in you. Jun 17, 2006 472
Three ways to make friends and influence colleagues. May 20, 2006 464

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