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Heska granted four patents for allergy products.

Heska Corporation (Fort Collins, CO; 970-493-7272), a leader in the companion animal health market, announced the recent issuance of four patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Two patents are for the use of the high affinity IgE receptor alpha chain to detect IgE and two patents cover novel flea allergens associated with flea bite allergy in animals.

Heska CEO, Robert Grieve, said, "Allergy diagnosis and treatment continues to be an important and growing business for Heska. Two of these patents cover allergens associated with flea bite allergy. These two patents are the fourth and fifth United States patents to issue in our flea bite allergy patent portfolio. Certain of these allergens are essential for use in the point-of-care allergy diagnostic product that we have under development. The two other patents which were recently issued are associated with technology that is the basis of our HESKA ALLERCEPT allergy diagnostic system. These are the first two Heska patents to issue in this area and they are critical to protecting our novel approach to allergy diagnosis."

United States Patent 5,927,230, entitled "Ectoparasite Saliva Proteins and Apparatus to Collect such Proteins," issued on July 27, 1999. This patent covers an apparatus to collect ectoparasite saliva proteins and a means to collect such proteins.

United States Patent 5,932,470, entitled "Ectoparasite Saliva Proteins and Apparatus to Collect such Proteins," issued on August 3, 1999. This patent covers nucleic acid molecules that encode flea and related ectoparasite saliva proteins.

United States Patent 5,945,294, entitled "Method to Detect IgE," issued on August 31, 1999. This patent covers the use of human high affinity IgE receptor alpha chain proteins to detect canine, feline or equine IgE.

United States Patent 5,958,880, entitled "Feline Fc Epsilon Receptor Alpha Chain Proteins and Therapeutic Uses Thereof," issued on September 28, 1999.

This patent covers feline high affinity IgE receptor alpha chain proteins and their use to reduce IgE receptor-mediated biological responses, such as allergy, in an animal. Such proteins can also be used to detect IgE.

Heska now holds 40 issued United States patents, 10 of which have issued in 1999, and 93 pending United States patent applications. These patents are in areas such as proprietary antigens related to allergy, flea control, heartworm disease and diagnostic technology.

Heska discovers, develops, manufactures and markets companion animal health products, primarily for dogs, cats and horses. Heska has a large and sophisticated scientific effort devoted to applying biotechnology to the large and growing companion animal health market. Heska also offers diagnostic and patient monitoring instruments and supplies, as well as laboratory diagnostic products in the United States and Europe to veterinarians, and operates USDA- and FDA-licensed facilities, which manufacture vaccine, pharmaceutical, and allergy immunotherapy products.
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Comment:Heska granted four patents for allergy products.
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Date:Oct 1, 1999
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