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Herpes research released.

A study by Dr. Charles Prober in the New England Journal of Medicine (4/2/92) reported testing 352 pregnant women and 190 of their husbands. All were middle- or upper-class. The researchers found that 1/3 of file women and 1/4 of the men were infected with herpes simplex virus type 2 (genital herpes), but only 11% of both sexes knew they had it

The study also reported that the genital herpes virus may not be trnsmitted during sex even after years of intimacy with an infected partner, since there are many couples in which one partner is infected and the other is not.

The main danger to the newborn is when a woman has a primary outbreak during her pregnancy. About one in every 7,000 babies is born with herpes disease, which can result in serious illness or death for the newborn.

--Reported in the Ann Arbor News, April 2, 1992.
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Date:Sep 22, 1992
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