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Heroin dealer's roaring trade outside police HQ.

BRAZEN heroin dealer Gordon Kerr is raking in a fortune - just yards from one of Scotland's largest police stations.

Kerr supplies the deadly drug to a steady stream of junkies right under the noses of hundreds of officers in Glasgow.

His flat overlooks Stewart Street police station - the divisional headquarters of Strathclyde Police `A' Division.

Despite closed-circuit security cameras and a resident drugs unit, scores of addicts make their way to Kerr's fourth-floor flat in Glasgow's Dundasvale Court, in Cowcaddens.

They don't seem to care about his choice of address.

A Sunday Mail reporter posing as a customer met Kerr less than 100 yards from the station's main entrance. Within minutes, he handed our man a pounds 10 bag of heroin.

Dressed in trendy designer labels, Kerr - nicknamed Flash because of his outrageous drugs operation - openly bragged about his deals.

He said: "My living room window looks directly on to the main entrance, but I've never been caught.

"They're probably that busy across the road they don't notice.

"I don't take many people up to my flat. I prefer to meet my customers downstairs, in the open."

Hours after the deal, our reporter met Kerr again outside his flat.

He said: "I can supply you with more than that if you want, just give me 30 minutes' notice and I'll meet with you again."

He added: "I've recently sacked an employee because I found out he was stealing from me.

"It's hard to find people you can trust these days."

A junkie who didn't want to be named said: "He must be clearing pounds 2,000 a week. He even jokes with us that he supplies the officers and that's why they don't touch him."

Strathclyde Police `A' Division's 678 officers secured almost 30,000 convictions last year.

Our dossier on Kerr and his business is available to police.
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Author:Alexander, Derek
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 5, 2000
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