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Hero tackled twin thugs in armed raid on shop.

Byline: BY KATE MANSEY Daily Post Staff

A MAN who risked his life tackling identical twins during a vicious armed robbery has been nominated for a bravery award.

Anthony Crompton, 21, was stabbed eight times as he battled the brothers, who were armed with a gun and a knife and dressed in Halloween masks.

Last night, Mr Crompton spoke of the attack at Fishwick's Garage, Ormskirk Road, Skelmersdale, which was captured on CCTV.

The shocking images which show Mr Crompton being stabbed by one of his attackers, helped convict the twins, who were sentenced for more than 13 years at Preston Crown Court on Friday.

It happened on October 25 last year when the delivery driver of Cornbrook, Skelmersdale, stopped to buy a drink at the shop on his way home from the gym.

Wearing Halloween masks, one Scream mask and one monster mask, Imran and Rehan Mahmood, were in the middle of carrying out an armed robbery.

Rehan threatened the manageress with a knife and pushed her to the floor while Imran, armed with a gun, entered the staff area and emptied the till.

Mr Crompton, from Cornbrook, Skelmersdale, said: "I saw what was going on through the window outside. I didn't know what to think but at first I thought it was a Halloween prank.

"When I saw one lad ripping out handfuls of cash from the till I was so angry because I've known the people who work in the shop since I was a little boy.

"I ran into the shop and slammed the door. I saw the manageress being held on the floor with a knife to her throat and I went up to one of the lads and just started fighting him.

"I was angry and I didn't think about it. I had one of my eyes gouged and cut my arm open when I fell against some shelving but didn't realise I had been stabbed until the blood started running and the knife was left in my arm. It lasted for just over two minutes but felt much longer. I just hoped the police would arrive."

After the attack the twins fled on foot and were later traced and arrested in Leigh, Greater Manchester.

On Friday, Imran Mahmood, 18, of Taunton Avenue, Leigh, and Rehan Mahmood, of Chequers Street, Wigan, received identical sentences of six years and eight months.

They both pleaded guilty to charges of robbery and wounding.

Imran Mahmood's girlfriend, Marian Zahedi, 19, of Ormskirk Road, Upholland, who was working in the garage when the robbery took place also received a two-year sentence for robbery and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Detective Inspector Chris Wilde, the officer in charge of the investigation for Lancashire Police, has nominated Mr Crompton for a national bravery award.

He said: "This was a particularly nasty robbery. The 'have a go hero' was subjected to a horrendous assault and was lucky not to die from his injuries.

"The brave efforts of this man prevented the Mahmood twins from escaping with the majority of the money from the till.

"Marian Zahedi set up the robbery for her boyfriend, Imran Mahmood, and his brother Rehan, ensuring that she was working on the night the offence took place. If this had not been the Mahmoods' first offence, and, if they had pleaded not guilty then the sentence could have been up to 15 years in jail."

I just hoped police would arrive


Anthony Crompton outside the garage where the robbery took place Picture: HOWARD DAVIES' CCTV pictures showing the robbery in progress, left, and Anthony Crompton fighting one of the robbers, right
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 2, 2006
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