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The Office L.A.-Style: at one of the most left-leaning radio stations in America, a straight white woman is accusing her boss, a gay black woman, of sexual harassment. welcome to the 21st-century workplace. Sep 11, 2007 1804
Big (gay) business: for many Fortune 500 companies corporate pride is a year-round enterprise. Jun 19, 2007 1413
American Idol's Big Gay closet. with its sappy songs, flamboyant contestants, and metrosexual host, American Idol is the campiest thing on TV. But could an openly gay singer win? Cover story Apr 24, 2007 3025
The cyber mafia: gay bloggers have emerged as the most influential voice in a new wave of journalists who are redefining the way the information game is played. Jan 16, 2007 2795
Suddenly single: looking for long-term love is hard enough when you're young and queer in the big city. But reentering the dating scene after the end of a long relationship--that's a struggle. Nov 21, 2006 1684
Miss Cleo comes out: the queen of late-night infomercial psychics tells us what you might not predict: She's a lesbian. Oct 10, 2006 1540
Picking their court battles: it's taken on the Boy Scouts, eliminated sodomy laws, and won victories for students. Now Lambda Legal has its sights on marriage. Its recipe for success: select ingredients carefully and cook them slowly: with the fight for gay and lesbian equality at a crucial crossroads, The Advocate continues its ongoing series of articles focusing on our leading activist and service organizations. Organization overview Jul 4, 2006 1426
Logo turns I: MTV's gay network gets set to blow out its first candle. Has the channel changed the game for queer visibility on TV? And can it stay afloat in a cutthroat cable universe? Jul 4, 2006 959
Big gay love: HBO's Big Love has ignited debate about hetero polygamy, but polyamorous relationships are not news to the many gay men with multiple long-term partners. How do they fit in to our fight for visibility? Cover story Jun 6, 2006 2181
Too pro-gay for the party? Democratic firebrand Paul Hackett dropped out of politics after party leaders pressured him to make way for a "safer" U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio. Did his vocal support for marriage equality doom his candidacy? Apr 25, 2006 1262
It's all about our children: state lawmakers across the country are proposing new bans on adoption by gays and lesbians. That makes the work of the Family Pride Coalition all the more challenging--and necessary. Apr 25, 2006 1362
Dean's DNC less gay? Brief article Mar 28, 2006 161
The last battle: with increasing pressure on Congress to repeal "don't ask, don't tell," a group of out veterans unveils a plan to bring conservatives to their side and win the right to serve. Cover Story Feb 14, 2006 2137
Can gay inmates be protected? Roderick Johnson says he was sold as a sex slave in a Texas prison, but a jury found prison officials had done nothing wrong. Can anyone protect gay inmates from rape and abuse? Dec 6, 2005 1116
Prison radio's gay advocate. Interview Dec 6, 2005 345
Bittersweet justice: in the wake of the Gwen Araujo trial, activists are grimly aware of how difficult it is to obtain a first-degree murder conviction when the victim is transgender. Nov 22, 2005 1448
Rebuilding our city: the gay and lesbian survivors of Hurricane Katrina are vowing to return to New Orleans and make it more fabulous than ever. Cover Story Oct 11, 2005 2410
All in the family: NBC surrogacy drama Inconceivable and ABC mid-season comedy Crumbs acknowledge that, for many gays and lesbians in 2005, it's all about families. Sep 27, 2005 810
Toni Atkins. Interview Sep 13, 2005 597
Growing the grass roots: coming back from a slump in the 1990s, the 32-year-old National Gay and Lesbian Task Force aims to take the lead in aiding local organizing. In a time of "terrible trouble," NGLTF is in it for the long haul. Jul 19, 2005 2142
All systems go for Logo: MTV Networks plans to launch its gay and lesbian channel in June. Is basic cable ready? Jul 5, 2005 812
Tribute to a news pioneer: during his life, Roy Aarons made newspapers and television respect GLBT America. Obituary Feb 1, 2005 803
Not getting married today: in January, California will equal Vermont in states' rights for same-sex couples. But some gays and lesbians are finding advantages to remaining legally single. Nov 23, 2004 1024
Just how far will Logo go? As MTV chief Tom Freston launches the first gay-themed basic-cable channel, viewers and marketers assess its PG-rated plan. Jul 6, 2004 517
A flexible inner peace: yoga helps gay men and lesbians stay fit and develop self-esteem. there are even classes for those who like to go naked. Apr 13, 2004 512
You can't take it with you. Why it's never too soon to get a will and an estate plan. Mar 30, 2004 750

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