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Hermine Jungus Komnik's World Wars I and II Experiences and Results.

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This booklet features an interview conducted with Hermine Kromnik (b. 1915) and also includes acknowledgments, her family photographs, genealogy, maps, and references (n=15). The interview in the booklet is a personal testimony of Hermine's survival and the results of living in Eastern Europe during World Wars I and II. Hermine's desire was to leave a written legacy for her family. Personal interviews took place between February and May 1995 in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where Hermine lives. Hermine began the interview by remembering her life in the agriculturally rich Ukraine where her grandparents had moved from Germany to find a better life for themselves and their children. The interview describes Hermine Kromnik's experience and strong will to survive in Eastern Europe during World Wars I and II. An afterword includes 12 notes. (BT)

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Author:Oliver, Paula Popow
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 29, 1996
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