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Herley's EWST Operation Receives $2.9 Million in Contract Awards; Increased Business With NATO, United Kingdom and Taiwan.

Herley Industries, Inc. announced today that EWST, the recently acquired electronic simulation operation in the United Kingdom, has received $2.9 million in contract awards. EWST will be supplying Chameleon systems, a RSS8000 system and 8000 series spares to NATO, UK Ministry of Defense and Taiwan, respectively.

The EWST Chameleon systems is an electronic countermeasures (ECM) and radar target simulator. The system is a cost effective source of technical training for radar operators to develop and improve their ability to counter the effects of radar jamming and false echoes.

The RSS8000 is a fifth generation radar signal simulator producing multiple radar signals for training electronic warfare ("EW") and electronic intelligence operators. In addition, the equipment provides test, validation and verification stimuli to support the manufacturers of EW systems.

John M. Kelley, Executive Vice President, stated, "EWST has been a strong performer since our acquisition of the company. Bob Andrews and his team have achieved brand recognition for EWST products and are establishing a significant presence in international EW markets."

Kelley continued, "The combined marketing strength of EWST and Herley Israel will be used to increase the visibility of Herley's overall capabilities to our international customers and prospects. This effort is expected to increase the diversity of our customer base and expand margins for the company."

Herley Industries, Inc. is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of microwave technology solutions for the defense, aerospace and medical industries worldwide. Based in Lancaster, PA, Herley has six locations and approximately 600 employees worldwide.
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Safe Harbor Statement -- Except for the historical information contained herein, this release may contain forward-looking statements. Such statements are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties. The Company's results could differ materially based on various factors, including, but not limited to cancellation or deferral of customer orders, difficulties in the timely development of new products, difficulties in manufacturing, increased competitive pressures, and general economic conditions.

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CONTACT: John M. Kelley, Executive Vice President, Herley Industries, +1-717-735-8117

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Date:Nov 18, 2002
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