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Here to Here World Tour cancelled due to illness and complications.

KIEV, Ukraine, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2008 Here to Here World Tour has been cancelled due to poor health of one of its riders and the premature expiry of the riders' Russian visas.

C.J. and Dylan Wilkins, two brothers from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, were attempting to circumnavigate the globe on two Buell motorcycles to raise funds for Street Kids International. The original trip plan was to journey more than 30,000 kilometers and travel through twenty countries.

Street Kids International is a Canadian non-profit agency. It is a global leader in developing and disseminating strategies and tools to provide street youth around the world with skills and opportunities to better their lives.

Over the past ten days, CJ's health has deteriorated. Upon reaching Kharkiv, Ukraine, the riders stopped to rest for four days; but, unfortunately, CJ's condition has not improved. Given the delay in the tour due to health issues and an imminent expiry on Russian visas, the riders have made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of the tour.

"Due to a combination of health, safety, and scheduling challenges, we are very disappointed to report that we have been forced to cancel the tour," states a disheartened C.J. from Ukraine. "The four days of forced rest in Kharkiv has eliminated all but two of our planned rest and maintenance days for the remainder of the tour, through the most difficult segment of the trip."

The interruption in the expedition is compounded by the upcoming expiry of the riders' Russian visas, which run out on August 29. This does not provide the team with sufficient time to journey across the world's largest country.

"As safety is our top priority, we believe that it is not safe to ride while ill or exhausted through the challenging Russian landscape," explains CJ. "Motorcycling, especially through this kind of terrain, requires a strong level of concentration at all times. That is why, after a great deal of discussion and weighing of our options, we feel that it is in our best interest and that of our partners, to stop riding east at this point."

The brothers have completed more than 10,800 kilometers to date and have journeyed almost half-way around the world.

The fund-raising goal of the Here to Here World Tour was to raise more than $100,000, with 100 percent of donations provided directly to the charity. To date, the riders have raised more than $12,000.

The riders have recently travelled 600 kilometers west to Kiev, Ukraine, where they are making arrangements to ship their motorcycles and luggage and book flights back to Calgary. The brothers expect to return to home by the end of June, at which point C.J. will seek further medical attention.

"Dylan and I would like to thank our partners for their incredible support and express our gratitude to the many people who have donated to our cause. The funds raised will be provided directly to Street Kids International."

The tour officially kicked off in Calgary on May 10, 2008. Upon reaching Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 22, the two brothers boarded a flight with their bikes and crossed the Atlantic to start the European leg of their journey around the globe.

When not on their motorcycles during the trip, the brothers interacted with local youth and recorded their experiences, along with status updates, which can be viewed on the Here to Here Tour website at
 About Street Kids International:

Street Kids International strives to provide street kids around the world with the choices, skills, and opportunities to make better lives for themselves. For the past 20 years, the organization has partnered with youth workers to develop locally relevant, innovative workshops, using award-winning animations that engage kids about sexual health, drug use, and youth entrepreneurship. Having worked with more than 2 million street kids in more than 60 countries, Street Kids International has been recognized by the United Nations as a Global Best Practice leader in youth work.

Complete information about Street Kids International can be found at

CONTACT: Jonathan Barnes, Here to Here World Tour Publicist, WILLIAM JOSEPH, (403) 770-4900 ext. 27,
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