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Here a funding, there a funding.

Here a funding, there a funding

* In order to encourage interdisciplinary research, theNational Science Foundation is funding an $8 million biological centers program in fiscal year 1987 for research affiliated with biotechnology development. Smaller facilities will be given about $500,000 to support interdepartmental research; larger centers will get up to $2 million. Nonprofit and academic institutions are eligible.

* The Australian government has approved additional fundsto build a plant-genetic resource center for tropical crops in central Queensland. About $1.52 million (Australian) had already been allocated by the government in the past three years to upgrade plant-genetic resource facilities. Part of a global gene-center network in 91 countries, the Australian project includes maintenance of local plant collections and special seed storage facilities.
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Title Annotation:National Science Foundation funding biological centers program; Australia funding plant-genetic resource center
Publication:Science News
Date:Feb 7, 1987
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