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Here's why I never babysit my kids.

THATS right, I have never, nor will I ever babysit my kids.

It's not because I am too much of a male chauvinist.

I do not feel that it is beneath me, nor do I feel incompetent to babysit them.

So why have I never babysat for my kids.

I am glad that you asked.

Because I am their dad, and it is as much my responsibility to look after them as it is their mother's.

No-one would ask my wife if she was babysitting her kids if I had gone out, so why ask me if I am babysitting if my wife is going out.

I have done my fair share of nappies and night -time feeds when they were no longer solely dependent on equipment that nature did not provide me with.

I have walked the floor with two baby girls and one baby boy when they didn't want to sleep, but my wife needed to as much as I did.

Please don't look at me or even the kids with sympathy when you see me looking after them.

I am not incompetent. I will not take unnecessary risks with them.

I know when and how to feed them.

Don't roll your eyes or patronise me if you see me struggling to handle the three of them.

You would do no better. My kids don't put up with me, they enjoy being with me as much as with their mum.

We just engage with them in a different way.

I can take my girls shopping at Claire's accessories and not pass out from being in the same store for two hours, and I can give my opinion on any type of hair clip, bobble or trinket.

Although I must admit, I struggle after an hour.

The reality is I am pretty average.

Most dads do this and some do much more.

So please don't suggest that I am "babysitting" when I stay in and look after my kids.

They are my responsibility, and like most dads, we take that responsibility seriously.

Thank you. I will put my soapbox away now.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Mar 2, 2016
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