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Here's one vote against the planned new ONE ball.

As a coach and teacher who introduces handball to over 120 new college players every year, I am not in favor of adopting the new ONE ball. I have played with this ball and had my experienced collegiate players try it out. Collectively, we prefer the Red 21. I suspect one of the USHA's reasons for investigating a switch is to find a ball that does not break as often as the current Red 21, but I think we can agree that different batches of any ball may be within specifications but have different durability and liveliness. Personally, I think the ONE ball is too bouncy and plays too hard. I am certain many players could adapt to a new ball just as they have done in the past, if they have been playing long enough to have lived through a transition.

My biggest concern with the ONE ball is for my women players. All begin with the White 21 and play with that ball at the collegiate national tournament. As new players, the White 21 protects their hands and keeps some players from quitting due to soreness and bruises. After working on proper mechanics and getting more court time, most of the women transition to the Red 21 because it allows them to get more matches--with men who play with the Red 21.

I encourage the USHA to keep the Red 21 as the official ball and not transition to the ONE ball.

Mike Wells, Mankato. Minn.

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Author:Wells, Mike
Date:Nov 1, 2019
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