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Here's how to glide through your first job without a hitch.


Every once in a while, your boss will ask you to do something a little different--like change your schedule, add new tasks or maybe even alter the way you've been doing something.

Instead of freezing up at the suggestions, or (even worse!), pushing back on the changes, maintain that good attitude of yours and be open to what your boss is saying. Show your employer that you're willing to be flexible, try something new and polish your skills.


Doing your job is one thing, but taking a bit of initiative and being super motivated will really make you shine.

Let's say you have a gig at the florist, dog walking or hocking candied apples at the county fair. Is the trash bin filled with wilting rosebuds stinking up the storeroom? Empty it. Someone threw Mrs. Smith's Amazon box in her bushes? Rescue it when you pick up her yapping Yorkie. Nobody knows how many apples are in all those boxes in the walk-in? Fire up your calculator app.

Maybe these things aren't in your job description, but going above and beyond the call of duty to help out when you see a need (or when nobody else wants to deal with one) is not only appreciated, but also will make you a standout employee.


People are people, and we're all destined to mess something up every once in a while. But when it happens to you on the job, it's important that you immediately fess up to your employer and accept the blame. Sure, it can be difficult to admit your goof, but it'll earn you major points for maturity *and* show that you are responsible and take your job seriously. And adults like that, trust us.

Another plus? If you come forward pronto, you could be preventing a minor mistake from becoming a major nightmare.


Even if you have to completely fake it some days, slap on that happy face. Having a cheerful, enthusiastic attitude at work makes you easy to be around because--spoiler alert--nobody likes a complainer.

Your new tee just got splattered with jelly by a 3-year-old you're babysitting? Just part of the job. Espresso machine on the fritz and your boss just asked for a double shot? Explain the sitch and offer to take a quick hike to the corner Starbucks for her latte.

You can make almost any tough situation much easier to deal with by maintaining an upbeat, can-do attitude.

Hmm, is that your picture we see on the Employee of the Month plaque?

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