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Here's how it's done...

Byline: diy donny

1 Measure how far out and up the pipe is so you can have plywood cut to size in the DIY store. It also makes it easier to get home as a full sheet of plywood would be too long for most cars.

2 When the top board has been cut to a width that clears the pipes, use it as a straight edge to mark the position of the floor batten. Remember to deduct the thickness of the skirting board

3 Screw and fix the battens at 600mm centres. Securing one to the top of the skirting will give a level fixing. If skirting has a moulding, screw batten to the wall. Screw the other batten to the floor.

4 If the skirting has a moulding at the top it is better to box in pipes using matching skirting. Drill pilot holes at 600mm centres and counter sink the pilot hole so the screwhead is fully recessed in the counter-sunk hole.

5 Attach a 25 x 25mm timber batten to the top of the back of the skirting to provide a fixing for the top board.

6 Fix new skirting to the floor batten, screwing through pilot holes. Then fix the 6mm plywood top board to the wall batten and the batten at the back of the skirting in front of the pipe.

7 If the existing skirting has a square edge, all youneed is a simple square box to hide the pipes. Use 18mm plywood for the front board, level with the wall batten and secure using wood screws. Bingo, no need for a top board.

8 If you need a top board, fit 6mm plywood to the wall batten and the top of the 18mm plywood.

9 Job done!

TOP TIP - screws make a stronger fixing than nails; the thread provides grip and the head secures.


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Date:Jul 15, 2007
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