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Here's a story of a lovely baby ...

You know those clever people who turn their gift of towels and washcloths into mini wedding cakes? The Baby Bunch is determined that every baby shower attendee should feel the same creative thrill without so much as looking at a glue gun. And the company has gone organic. Its organic line is simple--bib, T-shirt, onesie, socks and a hat in soft, off-white cotton, all rolled and nestled like roses inside a readymade bouquet of blue, pink or silk flowers. It will stand out among the mountain of store-bought packages and show your commitment to the Earth.

Meanwhile, those purveyors of lip balms, body lotions and baby oils, Burt's Bees, unveiled its own baby clothes line called Happy Green Bee. They've shunned pastel pinks and blues for vibrant green, yellow, red and orange stripes (or as they call them, bean, butterscotch, radish and pumpkin). The clothes are designed for comfort, including pants, long sock hats and petal-skirted dresses. Burt's Bees founder Roxanne Quimby is hoping the line will inspire more organic cotton growing in the U.S.

CONTACTS: The Baby Bunch, (877) 456-2229, www.thebabybunch. corn; Happy Green Bee, (800) 209-0094,
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Title Annotation:Tools for Green Living: Resources for Eco-Awareness and Action
Author:Belli, Brita
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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