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Here's An App That Will Allow Girls To Make The First Move.


First dates often result to either a blossoming relationship or, most of the time, sloppy firsts. It's like we are forced to conform to dating standards so we won't get caught in the web of dating woes and get stuck before you even get to say "Hi!" "Men should always be the firsts to give a hint," they said. "Splitting the bill is a crime, men should offer to pay for first dates," they said. "DO NOT TEXT A GUY FIRST," above all else.

It's like this somewhat unspoken rule has been set in stone for ages, even before the advent of technology and modern dating spearheaded a generation of internet romance and "ghosts" (no, UST people, we're not looking at you). They were reiterated so much that they started to sound like common sense, sparking this notion that girls making the first move come off aggressive. And in the age of misogyny and sexism, you know we won't have it any other way, might as well just play the waiting game and twiddle our thumbs.

But us women are more empowered than ever and we're mastering, not just attempting, movements at our own pace even without the unsolicited advice. That is Bumble's objectives from the start: To challenge the old-fashioned paradigm in a patriarchal society and encourage equality. Founded in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe Hard as a way to defy antiquated dating rules, this woman-first online connection platform is a safe online community that comes in three modes: Bumble Date, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz, all accessible in one app. So it is not only for those in search of the "One," (or just want to be with someone for any other purposes, no judgments), but also for those who want to build new relationships in other aspects like friendship and professional networking. The smooth interface and fresh features of Bumble make for the app's ease of use so it won't be a hassle switching between modes. "For all the advances we had been making in workplaces and corridors of power, the gender dynamics of dating and romance still seemed so outdated. I thought, what if I could flip that on its head? What if women sent the first message?" says Wolfe Hard. Living up to its mission, Bumble stands for integrity, kindness, equality, confidence, and respect from the screen to the real world.

Last week, Bumble made its way in the Philippines to encourage us Filipinas to step up our game and make the first move through a press launch held in Whitespace Manila which turned to DelicateHoneyYellowwithPastelOrnamentsSpace Manila. Thei r reports stated that Philippines ranked fifth out of 35 countries in the 2019 Women in Business report measuring progress in the male-female gender gap in economics, politics, education, and health. It is a really good thing of course, and the Philippines, is in fact, a dominantly matriarchal country. Perceptions on gender norms, however, are still heavily debated, so Bumble believes that they have a role here.

Strengthening their core in our market, Michelle Battersby, Bumble's associate director in Asia-Pacific, confirmed in the press launch that Bumble is very keen about launching Bumble Bizz in the Philippines, partnering with some local brands and Filipina businesswomen, and holding immersive "singles" events for those who want to meet and mingle with people who share the same interests. For Bumble, one thing's clear: Don't deprive yourself of a good thing, girl!


Bumble launch in Whitespace Manila
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