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Here's A Super (Bowl) Drinking Game To Play Sunday.

Super Bowl Sunday is known for football, sure, but it's also a notorious opportunity for sports fans to consume an abundance of chicken wings and alcohol. Americans will drink an estimated 32.5 million gallons of beer while watching the New England Patriots face off against the Atlanta Falcons ( in Houston Sunday.

If you're among them, you can make all that imbibing more exciting by following these rules for a Super Bowl-themed drinking game:

AaAaAeAccents   Since the ( Patriots are back in the Super Bowl , the ever-present Deflategate scandal will inevitably get mentioned multiple times. Take a sip every time an announcer mentions the controversy.

AaAaAeAccents   Take a sip every time anyone talks about Gisele Bundche Tom Brady's supermodel wife.

AaAaAeAccents   Drink every time someone debates whether Brady is t best quarterback of all time.

AaAaAeAccents   Drink again whenever he's compared to other quarterback

AaAaAeAccents   Take a sip whenever Brady's relationship with President Dona Trump comes up.

AaAaAeAccents   Drink whenever someone does a celebratory dance after scori a touchdown.

AaAaAeAccents   Take a shot every time either team kicks a field goa

AaAaAeAccents   ( Lady Gaga is headlining the halftime show, but people are bound to complain no matter who's on stage. Take a sip whenever someone in the vicinity whines about the performance or mentions a past performance.

AaAaAeAccents   Take another sip every time the singer starts new song.

AaAaAeAccents   Back to the game: Take a shot every time a flag is calle

AaAaAeAccents   Take a sip every time a particularly notable catch is mad

AaAaAeAccents   Drink whenever someone mentions that Patriots wide receiv Chris Hogan played lacrosse in college.

AaAaAeAccents   Take a sip when there's an interceptio

AaAaAeAccents   Take a sip whenever a beer commercial comes o

AaAaAeAccents   And no matter who wins, finish the game by finishing whatever in your cup.

Catch Super Bowl 51 at 6:30 p.m. EST Sunday from NRG Stadium in Houston. Drink r

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Date:Feb 6, 2017
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