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Hercules Peroxy Chemicals Group.

Hercules Peroxy Chemicals Group announced that effective October 1, list prices will be increased for dicumyh bis t-butyl peroxy diisopropylbenzene and t-butyl cumyl peroxides, as well as diisopropylbenzene hydroperoxideThe increase applies to pure, as well as supported grades. Di-Cup dicumyl peroxide increases will be 12-15 cents/ pound, Vul-Cup bis t-butyl diisopropylbenzene increases will be 15-30 cents/pound, D-16 1-butyl cumyl peroxide will increase 21 cents/pound, and DIBHP will increase 14 cents/pound. These increases partially offset increased operating costs that have accrued and keep up with the increased costs associated with environmental compliance, according to the company.
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Title Annotation:Corporate, Financial News
Publication:Rubber World
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Date:Sep 1, 1993
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