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Herbal soaps.

Nadia Al-Fawaz

Soap making from home is a fun activity for Noura Al-Zaid. She makes soaps with nice fragrances and sends them as gifts to her family and friends. Her soaps are more than just a cleaning product, as they look and smell nice.

Noura describes her hobby as her passionate career. She had learned what herbs and oils to add in her soaps that motivated her customers to buy more of her products.

Noura said that she had taken several courses in this field, in and out of the Kingdom. Her experience was exciting for her, she had learned a lot on how to make soaps that can soften the skin and reduce acne and wrinkles. Noura has her own laboratory at home, where she makes beautiful pieces of soaps with special fragrances.

Al-Zaid said: "I have learned a lot from reading magazines that are specialized in soap making. My family has encouraged me to start working in this field. I am not planning to open a laboratory in public shops yet, I am now waiting to finish my studies on soap making."

She mentioned some of the herbs that she uses in her soaps such as chamomile, bay laurel leaves, and chocolate for kids. From her experience, she is able to choose the suitable herbs and oils in her soaps.

She has her own taste in soap; she makes oil bubbles and special products for brides. Dates soap is one of her grandmother's products for brides.

In the beginning, Al-Zaid was distributing her products to family and friends, but now she is aiming to distribute them to everyone. She stated that the price of each piece of soap is between 30 to 50 riyals. She pours her soaps in different molds that have special flavors and fragrances.

Al-Zaid said: "Since I was in high school, I was curious about herbs and how to get natural and healthy treatments and I have read a lot about it. My family encouraged me to start making soaps from home. At first, I have faced a lot of obstacles when I started working in this field, as it is a new project in the Kingdom that is held by a woman. But I have decided to continue my study and understand more about this business. I needed some special equipment to be able to make soaps and I got them from in and out side the Kingdom. I always look at my business as something for everyone's benefit and I want to provide guaranteed healthy and natural products. We can also notice that most cosmetics and skin creams nowadays contain natural herbs and oils to avoid the bad side effects of chemical use on the skin.

Al-Zaid clarified the basic ingredients of soap as: Different natural oils, vitamin A, avocado butter, and olive oil. Put all of them in a certain temperature or heat. Then pour the mixture in a plastic mold for two hours. Then take out the dry mixture from the mold and wrap it.

AL-Zaid advises all Saudi women, who are passionate about any of their hobbies, to stand up and be confident to show their talents to the world.


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Publication:Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Date:Jul 2, 2014
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