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Curcumin increases effectiveness of chemo drug in head and neck cancer. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 192
Effects of anti-proliferative lichen metabolite, protolichesterinic acid on fatty acid synthase, cell signalling and drug response in breast cancer cells. Bessadottir, Margret; Skuladottir, Edda A.; Gowan, Sharon; Eccles, Suzanne; Omarsdottir, Sesselja; O Report Oct 15, 2014 6480
Synergistic effect of the interaction between curcumin and diclofenac on the formalin test in rats. De Paz-Campos, Marco A.; Ortiz, Mario I.; Pina, Aracely E. Chavez; Zazueta-Beltran, Liliana; Castane Report Oct 15, 2014 4939
Synergistic inhibitory effect of Icariside II with Icaritin from Herba Epimedii on pre-osteoclastic RAW264.7 cell growth. Liu, Yan-Qiu; Yang, Qian-Xu; Cheng, Meng-Chun; Xiao, Hong-Bin Report Oct 15, 2014 2854
Synergistic effect of Myrtus communis L. essential oils and conventional antibiotics against multi-drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii wound isolates. Aleksic, Verica; Mimica-Dukic, Neda; Simin, Natasa; Nedeljkovic, Natasa Stankovic; Knezevic, Petar Report Oct 15, 2014 8209
Synergistic interactions of epigallocatechin gallate and oxytetracycline against various drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains in vitro. Novy, Pavel; Rondevaldova, Johana; Kourimska, Lenka; Kokoska, Ladislav Report May 15, 2013 2992
Synergistic interaction of ferulic acid with commercial hypoglycemic drugs in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. Prabhakar, Pranav Kumar; Prasad, Ram; Ali, Shakir; Doble, Mukesh Report Apr 15, 2013 7243
Synergistic activity and mechanism of action of ceftazidime and apigenin combination against ceftazidime-resistant Enterobacter cloacae. Eumkeb, Griangsak; Chukrathok, Somnuk Report Feb 15, 2013 5318
Effect of long-term co-administration of Wuzhi tablet (Schisandra sphenanthera extract) and prednisone on the pharmacokinetics of tacrolimus. Qin, Xiao-Ling; Yu, Tao; Li, Ling-Jue; Wang, Ying; Gu, Hao-Min; Wang, Yong-Tao; Huang, Min; Bi, Hui- Report Feb 15, 2013 4553
Synergistic immunosuppressive effects of the mTOR inhibitor sirolimus and the phytochemical curcumin. Deters, M.; Hutten, H.; Kaever, V Report Jan 15, 2013 2586
I heard about a recent study that suggests anxiety disorders can make heart disease worse. Fava, Maurizio Column Apr 1, 2011 644
Combined use of ginger and atorvastatin. Finney-Brown, Tessa Mar 22, 2011 804
Echinacea policosanol and warfarin. Murphy, Kathleen Sep 22, 2010 503
Wormwood in Crohn's disease. Finney-Brown, Tessa Report Jun 22, 2010 419
In vitro evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of the ethanolic leaf extract of the spice Ocimum gratissimum and its interaction with some disc antibiotics. Nweze, E.I.; Eze, E.E. Report Jun 22, 2010 2989
Herbal remedies may counteract digestives. Brief article Oct 12, 2009 159
Women's health update: St. John's wort and oral contraceptives. Hudson, Tori Jul 1, 2009 1329
Licorice may block effectiveness of transplant drug. Brief article May 1, 2009 124
Ginkgo does not increase your risk for bleeding. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 229
Dangerous duo: antiepileptics plus herbals. Sirven, Joseph I. Jul 1, 2007 460
Interference of Asian, American, and Indian (Ashwagandha) ginsengs in serum digoxin measurements by a fluorescence polarization immunoassay can be minimized by using a new enzyme-linked chemiluminescent immunosorbent or turbidimetric assay. Dasgupta, Amitava; Kang, Edward; Olsen, Margaret; Actor, Jeffrey K.; Datta, Pradip Clinical report Apr 1, 2007 2542
Treatment of rats with the Pelargonium sidoides extract EPs[R] 7630 has no effect on blood coagulation parameters or on the pharmacokinetics of warfarin. Koch, E.; Biber, A. Clinical report Feb 1, 2007 3382
Diabetes: know the botanicals patients are using: expert outlines popular agents, their effects, and how they interact with standard therapies. Tucker, Miriam E. Sep 15, 2005 1675
Many women keep mum about use of botanicals: soy was most common. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 320
Clinical focus: your residents' daily diet and medicine may not always mix. Grossbauer, Sue Aug 1, 2003 1916
Ask Dr. Nan. Fuchs, Nan Kathryn Jun 1, 2003 530
In vitro inhibition of human cytochrome P450-mediated metabolism of marker substrates by natural products. Foster, B.C.; Vandenhoek, S.; Hana, J.; Krantis, A.; Akhtar, M.H.; Bryan, M.; Budzinski, J.W.; Rampu May 1, 2003 7043
Soriatane's new labeling focuses on pregnancy. (St. John's Wort Internation). Jancin, Bruce May 1, 2003 529
Warn patients about OTC, alternative medicine interactions. (Ask Parents What They Use). McNamara, Damian Dec 1, 2002 660
When conventional, alternative therapies collide. (Drug Reactions are Rare, but be Watchful). McNamara, Damian Nov 1, 2002 816
Adverse events more likely when ginseng is used with other products. (Effects Reversible and Mild). Walsh, Nancy Sep 15, 2002 221
St. John's wort extract. (Clinical Capsules). Evans, Jeff Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 103
Garlic Reduces Saquinavir Blood Levels 50%; May Affect Other Drugs. James, John S. Dec 21, 2001 792
Correction. Correction Notice Nov 1, 2001 124
St. John's Wort Raises the Risk of Rejection in Transplant Patients. (Interferes with Cyclosporine). Walsh, Nancy Nov 1, 2001 432
Watch Bleeding in Patients on Ginkgo, Anticoagulants. (Antiplatelet Activity). Walsh, Nancy Nov 1, 2001 197
St. John's Wort Lowers Cyclosporine Levels. WALSH, NANCY Sep 15, 2001 503
Use caution with herbal supplements. (Bottom Lines). Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 200

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