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Her rotation system keeps orchid blooms on display almost always.

The stunning beauty of orchid flowers rarely extends to the foliage. Keeping this in mind, Joanne Hedges developed a display strategy of inspired simplicity: she stores orchids in their element (in this case, a large greenhouse window) when they're not blooming and in her element (a living room shelf, for example) when they are.

Since the collection includes 40 to 50 orchids of several kinds, Mrs. Hedges has enough blooming plants to stock every major room in the house-and the display is constantly changing.

When plants lose their flowers, she bides them in an aluminum-frame greenhouse

window off the master bedroom.

Partially shaded by trees outside, the custom-made, west-facing window measures 4 1/2 by 12 feet and cantilevers out 4 feet from the bedroom wall. Doubleskinned plastic panels with 1/2-inch-square ribbed chambers provide insulation.

To make plant care easy, shelves tucked into an adjacent wall hold fertilizer and potting materials, while a sink with a built-in water hose fits into the bottom of the plant shelf.

House heat keeps this greenhouse warm in winter, while a thermostatically controlled exhaust fan and louvered vents control heat buildup in summer.
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Date:Nov 1, 1988
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