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This land is your land: Philip Gambone crisscrossed the country to share the stories of a range of fascinating gays, from celebrity entertainers to not-so-garden-variety gardeners. Jun 1, 2010 337
Reel travel: When journalist Dennis Hensley vacations, he looks for dark theaters, drama, and happy endings. Apr 1, 2009 838
Somewhere over the rainbow: Margaret Cho forces a little reality into her fantasy life on The Cho Show. Aug 26, 2008 1819
Gimme Shelter: with a new movie about gay surfers, here networks finally catches the perfect wave. Mar 11, 2008 1579
Oh, brother! As a take-charge gay lawyer on Brothers & Sisters, Matthew Rhys wins the verdicts, dates the hunks, and ushers us into network TV's next great era. Cover story Oct 23, 2007 2656
Jennifer Tilly: just in time for Halloween, Bound bombshell Jennifer Tilly plays a dorm headmistress with a dark side in ABE's Initiation of Sarah remake and also turns up in Terry Gilliam's big-screen drama Tideland. Nov 7, 2006 235
John Leguizamo. Brief article Oct 10, 2006 291
Christina up close: Christina Aguilera just released her big, bold Back to Basics. She's also managing her career, enjoying her marriage, and speaking up for her LGBT friends. A gay press exclusive with the 25-year-old superstar. Interview Sep 12, 2006 1860
Jesse gets big: playing a gay cholo in Quinceanera, the summer's hottest gay movie, Jesse Garcia is on the path to stardom. Interview Aug 15, 2006 1725
The gay couple in charge. Movie review Aug 15, 2006 634
Rebecca Romijn. Interview Jun 6, 2006 513
Kimberley Locke. Interview May 23, 2006 554
Madonna's rollerguy: meet the choreographer who put Madonna on roller skates for her disco-friendly new album and tour. Interview May 23, 2006 454
Tori Spelling. Interview Apr 11, 2006 534
Jay McCarroll. Interview Feb 28, 2006 248
Nick Carter. Interview Nov 22, 2005 452
Justin's time: Justin Tanner's outrageously hilarious plays--including Zombie Attack! and Oklahomo!--have made him an L.A. cult phenomenon. And now he's got an entire season of shows to play with. Oct 11, 2005 691
Gwyneth Paltrow. Interview Sep 27, 2005 548
Trisha Yearwood. Interview Aug 30, 2005 462
Different tokes: Saved! director Brian Dannelly goes from Jesus to joints with Weeds, Showtime's hilarious new series about a dope-dealing suburban mom. Movie Review Aug 30, 2005 606
Exploring Marsden: rising star James Marsden talks about skating with drag queens, his X-Men 3 hopes, and giving his all as a sexually conflicted groom-to-be in Heights. Cover Story May 24, 2005 1901
Here comes the new new queer cinema: the first wave of queer cinema slowed to a trickle years ago. Now a flood of smart, fun new movies is washing into theaters. Cover Story Apr 26, 2005 3835
Man! I feel like Shania: Shania Twain's fiendishly entertaining new collection inspires a trip down pink memory lane. Sound Recording Review Feb 1, 2005 522
Shania Twain. Interview Nov 23, 2004 318
Out in the real world: not only does this season of MTV's The Real World give us out, proud Willie--he's also not the only gay houseguest. Sep 28, 2004 580
Melissa rewinds: as her new DVD hits stores, Melissa Etheridge remembers each of the albums that brought her here. Interview Sep 28, 2004 895
Dirty pillow talk: Justin Jorgensen's Obscene Interiors explores what's really disgusting about Web porn--people's furniture. Interview Aug 17, 2004 478
Almost positive: X-Men star James Marsden talks about being taken hostage by Scott Speedman in the HIV drama The 24th Day. Interview Jun 22, 2004 510
Poker faces: meet the queer producers behind the Bravo hit Celebrity Poker Showdown. Interview Jun 22, 2004 450
Why did Melissa cross the road? Melissa Ferrick talks about taking risks to put out her latest CD, The Other Side. Interview Jun 22, 2004 797
The wonder of it all: two gay creators and a bitterly funny lesbian character make Wonderfalls queer must-see TV. Mar 30, 2004 856
L is for Leisha: as The L Word's only out lesbian cast member, Leisha Hailey is surrounded by hot women (and men) in the sexiest new show since queer as Folk. Welcome to Showtime's steamy new hit. Cover Story Feb 17, 2004 3361
One for the boys: as The L Word's resident straight-arrow hunk, Eric Mabius will win gay hearts everywhere. Cover Story Feb 17, 2004 1197
A barb is a sharp implement: Jim David, one of the comics showcased on Comedy Central's new Out on the Edge, talks about surviving gorilla suits, mafiosi, and the nasty barbs on Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn. Feb 3, 2004 849
Sex, drugs, gay men, and Carrie Fisher: the unsinkable actress-author, whose gay superagent husband left her for another man, talks about getting it all down on paper in her funny and forgiving new novel. Feb 3, 2004 2590
Mommie's boy: Stark Sands makes an indelible impression as Charles Busch's sexy, psychotic gay son in Die Mommie Die. Oct 28, 2003 797
Messiah complex: Queer as Folk creator Russell T. Davies continues his reign as TV's holy terror with The Second Coming. Sep 16, 2003 522
From Hairspray to Hollywood: Hairspray's hunky Matt Morrison plays a gay boy-band singer in the new comedy Marci X. Sep 2, 2003 596
Revenge of the nerd: American Splendor's Toby Radloff is out and proud about his sexuality and his nerddom. Sep 2, 2003 811
Kissing Reese Witherspoon: Kissing Jessica Stein director Charles Herman-Wurmfeld guides the newly minted superstar through the think-pink sequel Legally Blonde 2. Jul 22, 2003 711
An Idol for gays? We envision a queer future for many of this year's American Idol finalists. (The Music Issue). Column May 13, 2003 501
Out and in tune: since coming out in People's Top 50 Bachelors issue, Matt Zarley is loving his new life as an openly gay singer. (music). Oct 15, 2002 592
Surviving the circuit: Brandon Del Campo of the circuit party documentary When Boys Fly insists you can dance all night without tweaking your brains out. (video). Oct 15, 2002 739
CSI's sharpshooter: Gerald McCullouch juggled his schedule on the megahit series to make a highly revealing gay film with gorgeous Gabriel Romero. (film). Aug 20, 2002 863
Circuit king: Man of the Year director Dirk Shafer returns with Circuit, a look at the controversial gay dance parties that make up the circuit. (film). Brief Article Apr 30, 2002 883
Original Valarie: Valarie Rae Miller, who plays saucy lesbian ass-kicker Original Cindy on Dark Angel, talks up her film All About the Benjamins--and explains "the Glitter moment". (film). Brief Article Mar 19, 2002 689
From Rent to Russell: Anthony Rapp talks about costarring with Russell Crowe--and the bisexual subtext--in the Oscar hopeful A Beautiful Mind. (Film). Brief Article Jan 22, 2002 561
Channel master: TiVo is the gift that puts good--and bad--TV at your fingertips. (Cool stuff). Brief Article Nov 20, 2001 1124
THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT BEN. Interview Sep 11, 2001 3366
MTV's soap dish. Television Program Review Jul 3, 2001 951
SPEEDWAY TO STARDOM. Interview Jun 5, 2001 2281
Schaech's appeal. Brief Article May 22, 2001 805
Shedding her skin. Interview May 8, 2001 3250
FRIENDS INDEED. Interview Mar 13, 2001 2235
INSIDE Queer as Folk. Nov 21, 2000 3418
Deltas dawn. Brief Article Sep 26, 2000 609
television: chef's choice. Brief Article Sep 26, 2000 102
television: a la carte. Brief Article Sep 26, 2000 509
Homicidal hyphenate. Brief Article Sep 26, 2000 824
film: a la carte. Brief Article Sep 26, 2000 552
Bridging the dance GAP. Brief Article Jul 4, 2000 1025
Broken Hearts Club. Jun 6, 2000 2192
Uncommonly grounded. Interview Feb 1, 2000 2144

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