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Henry Of Navarre.

Release Date: Fri 29 April 2011

Running Time: 2hrs 28min

Director: Jo Baier

Producer: Veit Heiduschka, Regina Zeigler, Ralf Schmitz....

Starring: Roger Casamajor, Julien Boisselier, Joachim Krol, Davie Streisow, Andreas Schmidt

Genre: Drama


Originally produced as a mini-series for European television, this edited feature details the remarkable life of one of France's most influential historical leaders. In 16th Century France, political power walks hand in hand with religion as the Royal Family are devout Catholics and Huguenots (early Protestants) are treated as second-class citizens. Henry (Julien Boisselier) is a Huguenot military leader who has become a hero in Navarre who is said to be preparing a revolt against the royal family. When he is introduced to Catherine de' Medici (Hannelore Hoger), the Catholic queen of France, she arranges a marriage between Henry and her daughter Margot (Armelle Deutsch), certain the alliance will stop the budding conflict. But the nuptials only leads to the infamous St. Bartholomew's Day massacre as Catholics attack Huguenots, leading to the death of thirty thousand people. Henry is captured by the Queen's army but escapes to lead the Huguenots in a war against the throne; while Henry is forced to resort to violent means, his goal is to end the fighting by establishing religious freedom and ending faith-based rule in France.
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Publication:Namibia Economist (Windhoek, Namibia)
Geographic Code:4EUFR
Date:Apr 21, 2011
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