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Henry L. Janssen.

Henry L. Janssen (San Diego State University), 92, advanced academic excellence at SDSU. While teaching political science from 1953 to 1989, he was chapter president of Phi Beta Kappa honor society, advisor to the local Mortar Board national college senior honor society, and unofficial officer at large at the Phi Kappa Phi chapter, participating in manifold events including initiations. Janssen founded the school's Honors Council to unite the multidisciplinary honor societies; each year, an award in his name is given to students in each of them. His $1 million endowment for the university's honors program was announced last year. He also was a founding chapter member of Phi Eta Sigma honor society for first-year students. Janssen, who briefly taught at UC Santa Barbara before SDSU, met frequently with students, faculty and administrators after retirement. Campus citations include the presidential medallion and recognition from the alumni association. The "Last Lecture" series, at which leading SDSU faculty speak, and an Honors Council room in the Love Library bear his name. Janssen earned degrees from University of Oklahoma (bachelor's and master's) and University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D.) He worked in oil fields to help pay undergraduate tuition and was an Army artillery reconnaissance observer in World War II. Preceded in death by his wife, he passed away on June 28, 2013, at his home. Survivors include his son. "Henry Janssen cared deeply about and devoted his undivided attention to students, a quality Simone Weil calls 'the rarest and purest form of generosity: I join the legions of people who will miss him deeply," wrote former chapter president Christopher Frost via email, adding, "The vibrancy of his presence helped sustain the SDSU Phi Kappa Phi chapter."

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