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Hemorrhoidectomy procedures.

Hemorrhoidectomies performed with Ligasure diathermy are associated with significantly less operating time and postoperative pain than are those performed by conventional monopolar diathermy, reported Dr. Ernest J. Franklin of Washington University, St. Louis, and his colleagues.

Hemorrhoidectomies in 17 patients who received Ligasure diathermy took a median of 6 minutes to perform, compared with 11 minutes in 17 patients who received conventional diathermy. Ligasure patients in the randomized trial also reported less pain on a 0-10 visual analog scale at the first defecation and at 1 and 14 days after the operation than did conventional diathermy patients. All patients got the same anesthetics: propofol and fentanyl (Dis. Colon Rectum 46[10]:1380-83, 2003).

Hemorrhoidectomy with Ligasure differs from the conventional closed (Ferguson) method only in the choice of diathermy. In conventional diathermy, monopolar diathermy in the coagulation mode is used to dissect hemorrhoidal tissue from the internal sphincter. In Ligasure diathermy, hemorrhoidal tissue is coagulated with the bipolar Ligasure and is then divided with scissors until the entire hemorrhoid is dissected.
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Author:Evans, Jeff
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Date:Nov 15, 2003
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