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Hemorrhoidal ligations. (Clinical Capsules).

A new anoscope that performs multiple ligations of internal hemorrhoids in synchrony reduces postligation pain and may improve outcomes, compared with conventional multiple ligation, said Dr. David N. Armstrong, a surgeon in Atlanta.

The device has three lateral apertures that permit proximal placement of rubber bands on three hemorrhoids without the need to remove the device (Dis. Colon Rectum 46[2]:179-86, 2003).

During the first 2 days after hemorrhoidal ligation, 25 patients who underwent multiple synchronous ligations with the new anoscope had significantly less discomfort than 25 patients who had conventional multiple hemorrhoidal ligations. Dr. Armstrong attributed this difference to the need to insert the anoscope three times with the conventional anoscope.
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Author:Evans, Jeff
Publication:Internal Medicine News
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Mar 15, 2003
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